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    What to see in Holland Keukenhof

    What to see in Holland


    Tourist attractions Keukenhof

    Located in Lisse, in the South Holland region, Keukenhof, translating to ‘Kitchen Garden’ in English, is one of the worlds largest flower gardens, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Set over 79 acres, the garden captivates visitors with its beautiful flower beds, creating a sea of vibrant colors and patterns every spring. Once a hunting ground in the 15th century, used by the nobility who lived in Keukenhof Castle, which remains on the site today and looks like something from a fairytale, part of the garden was used to grow cooking herbs, hence the name given to it.

    The gardens as they exist today were established in 1949, with the aim of showcasing the different bulb and plant species of Dutch flower growers. Since it’s inauguration the Keukenhof has attracted visitors from around the world who are enticed by the idyllic setting and the beautifully manicured flower displays. Every year, 7 million bulbs are planted and between March and May, the flowers blossom and the gardens are opened to the public. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and many other flowers can all be found during the spring at Keukenhof. With different themed areas including an English Garden, a Historical Garden, showing old bulb varieties, and a spectacular Japanese Garden, a trip to Keukenhof is a delightful experience as you can admire the variety of colors and aromas as you explore the various areas.

    During the open season, the garden plays host to a variety of flower showers, many of which are themed or focus on a particular species of flower. There are also exhibitions to explore and even in the winter when the gardens are closed and preparations for the flowering season are taking place, the castle grounds play host to different festivals including a charming Christmas Fair, in the shadow of the magical Keukenhof Castle. The garden also has a beautiful lake with stepping stones and lots of attractions for families, ensuring a tour of Keukenhof is the perfect way to spend a sunny day in the Netherlands.

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