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    Trips for seniors

    Trips for seniors

    Senior tours

    Trips for seniors

    Perhaps you’ve reached a stage in your life where you have the time, means and freedom to travel more. It’s commonplace for over 50s to get catch the travel bug. Whether your kids have flown the nest or you just have more time to dedicate to your own interests, our senior trip selection is all about unforgettable journeys and bucket-list trips. We understand your days of ‘roughing it’ might be over, so this selection is all about providing a quality travel experience. Take the stress out of travelling by letting us take care of the details, so all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the experience!

    Of course, no destinations are off-limits when it comes to trips for seniors. Perhaps you fancy the idea of a foodie-inspired tour of Italy, a cultural journey through the medieval towns of Romania or a wildlife-spotting vacation in the Galapagos Islands. Why not take the plunge and book that once-in-a-lifetime getaway you’ve always dreamed of? Some popular trips for seniors include tours of Peru to see the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, trips to Jordan where you can float on the Dead Sea and explore the lost city of Petra as well as African safaris or cultural trips through the deserts and palaces of Rajasthan in India. 

    Senior tours

    Single travel groups over 50

    If you’re a solo traveller, a group tour is a perfect way to discover new destinations. If you prefer a little company when you’re away, choosing a group tour will give you the chance to meet and share the experience with like-minded travellers of a similar age. Our group tours are open to all ages but are popular with solo travellers over 50 due to our range of fascinating destinations and the variety of included tours. 

    Senior travel

    Travel is one of the most popular hobbies of people in their golden years. You’ll likely have more freedom to choose the destinations you’re really interested in as you no longer have to settle for family-friendly vacations. This gives you the chance to be more adventurous and delve deeper into cultural experiences or historic sights. So when you’re choosing your next trip take a moment to ask yourself what it is you want to get out of your trip. 

    Your vacation should suit your needs and abilities. Maybe a cruise is a better option for you than a walking tour. Perhaps a trip with included bus tours could be better suited to your activity level. On the other hand, a hiking adventure through Patagonia might be more your style. 

    Discover our selection of incredible trips to destinations around the globe, for those senior travellers who want to spark their sense of adventure and follow their wanderlust!

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