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Map of Fjords, Railway Ride & Copenhagen's Canals
Fjords, Railway Ride & Copenhagen's Canals

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Norway & Denmark in 11 days

Fjords, Railway Ride & Copenhagen's Canals

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Lose yourself in the natural wonders of Norway before getting to know Copenhagen. From the otherworldly Fjord of Dreams and the breathtaking region of Geilo, to cruising along the beautiful canals of the Danish capital.

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Extraordinary Vacation Packages & Tours to Denmark

Take a breathtaking tour to Denmark and discover the unparalleled beauty of the smallest Scandinavian nation. Explore gigantic castles, historic museums, amazing parks, sandy beaches, and other monumental locations.

Almost all of our vacation packages to Denmark include flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and even some meals. We take the stress out of planning a holiday and enable you to enjoy the experience.

Trips to Denmark from Canada


Take a trip to Denmark to savor exceptional hospitality and discover several Viking attractions. This country consists of the Jutland Peninsula and an archipelago of over 400 habitable and uninhabitable islands.

Found in Northern Europe, Denmark has a rich history dating back to the Stone Age. It’s the gateway to the Scandinavian world and several other European countries, like the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Book a trip to Denmark from Canada. Departure points are available at airports in most major cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Saskatoon, and Calgary.

Top points of interest in Denmark

Millions of people visit Denmark every year to explore the country’s numerous attractions. Let Exoticca give you a vivid experience of this Scandinavian jewel by taking you to the leading attractions in the country.


Known as the country’s capital city, Copenhagen is the perfect place to start your Denmark tour. Visit one of its spectacular museums to enrich yourself with the knowledge of the extraordinary cultural influence of Denmark.

Take a short trip to the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, a popular bronze statue sitting on a granite pedestal. Measuring about 125 cm (50 inches), this sculpture is a magnet that welcomes about five million tourists every year. 

Many Denmark tours include a visit to the Nyhavn’s canal, an oceanfront site with beautifully painted cafes, restaurants, and houses. Sit down and savor the sight of the many old, wooden ships plying the area.

The National Museum, Copenhagen Zoo, and the Round Tower are other astounding locations to visit in the city.

City Hall

While you’re still in Copenhagen, stop by the City Hall in the city’s central part. The design of this tall Romantic structure took inspiration from similar buildings in Italy. Explore its aesthetically decorated interiors and exteriors as you learn about its significance.

If you visit during the opening time, check out the Magistrate Hall, the Celebration Hall, and the Municipal Council’s Hall. Watch out for various couples tying the knot on this site.

As you conclude your Denmark tour in this location, go to the City Hall Library. Although it doesn’t serve as a library anymore, it’s still a serene spot to admire and enjoy a good book.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is another fantastic edifice to visit when in Copenhagen. It comprises four identical structures known as Christian VII’s Palace, Christian IX’s Palace, Christian VIII’s Palace, and Frederik VIII’s Palace. 

Although Amalienborg Palace is the official home of the Danish royal family, it’s often open to tourists. Discover how things are done in one of the most aristocratic buildings in the world.

Be on the lookout for the Royal Life Guard, the military bodyguards safeguarding the palace. Watch as these finely dressed officers march through the streets and around the site.

Gefion Fountaine

Gefion Fountaine is a magnificent landmark showcasing the fictitious story of Gefjun, a Norse goddess. The sculpture depicts her behind four oxen as she directs them to ridge the isle of Zealand, the current location of Copenhagen.

Revel at the statue as water gushes out of the animals’ nostrils. Visit the site at night when it usually comes alive with flashes of turquoise color. Do you desire anything that’s seemingly elusive? Make a wish at Gefion Fountaine.

Denmark: Off the beaten path

Do you want to explore attractions in Denmark that are off the beaten path? Here are some popular options:

  • Go to Djursland and wander the majestic Mols Bjerge National Park filled with pastures, meadows, and woodlands. Watch out for sand lizards and other animals foraging the location. Enjoy backpacking, camping, and hiking on the site’s trail.
  • Check out Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Stop by Tivoli Friheden, an expansive amusement park with lots of green spaces. Tour Aarhus Botanical Gardens to learn about the various plants in the city.
  • Visit Aalborg, an old destination with several modern amenities. Visit Jens Bang’s house, an ancient Dutch building showcasing the architectural masterpiece of the 17th century. End your tour by stopping at St. Budolf, Olborghus, and other notable sites.

Book your Denmark tour with Exoticca


Explore this remarkable Scandinavian jewel with Exoticca. We go the extra mile to help you plan your trip.

All included: Flights, hotels, tours & transfers

Exoticca’s Denmark tours are all-inclusive, covering your flights, hotels, tours, and transfers. Some of our packages even take care of your meals.

You don’t have to spend time and resources planning your itinerary, as we cater to everything. Just book a trip and savor an unforgettable experience in Denmark.

Denmark partially or fully guided tours

At Exoticca, we offer partially and fully guided vacation packages to Denmark. Choose from independent, semi-escorted, escorted, and fully guided group tours. Our travel experts can also organize private tours for you.

Crafted by our own travel experts

Exoticca’s devoted travel aficionados have organized over 300 one-of-a-kind travel packages across 60 diverse global destinations. Our team applies firsthand wisdom to curate the ultimate Denmark vacation packages.

Through close cooperation with regional associates and seasoned guides at each spot, we promise our travelers a seamless and unforgettable travel experience. Our local collaborators are the core behind the tours and excursions we meticulously create.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days in Denmark is enough?


Denmark is a popular destination due to its castles, museums, festivals, and cuisine. Seven days is enough to explore its rich history and beautiful sights.

What is the best month to visit Denmark?


Denmark is an all-year-round tourist destination. The summer months (April to September) are ideal for outdoor activities and exploration. The winter months (December to February) deliver picturesque, snow-capped views.

Is Denmark expensive for tourists?


Denmark is pricier than some European destinations, like Greece and Spain, but it’s still possible to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation. The bulk of your expenses typically go to accommodation, while transportation and meals are more affordable. 

When can you see the northern lights in Denmark?


You can see the northern lights in Denmark at any time, but the best time is between April to September. During these months, the sky is clearer and the nights are darker, allowing you to have a perfect view of the aurora borealis.

What is the most affordable month to visit Denmark?


The most affordable month to visit Denmark is January, as the crowds are smaller and the holiday season’s festivities have died down.

Denmark tourist attractions

More information about Denmark

Scandinavia’s most southernmost nation, Denmark is famed for its high standard of living and long-reigning Royal Family, whose lineage can be traced back to Viking times. Denmark is situated in the North Atlantic, southwest of Sweden and Norway and bordered by Germany to the south. As well as the Jutland mainland peninsula, the country also comprises 443 named islands including the two major islands of Funen and Zealand, the former of which was the birthplace of the prestigious Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. The Kingdom of Denmark also includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The capital city, Copenhagen, is spread across the islands of Zealand and Amager and is conveniently connected to the Swedish city of Malmo by the incredible Oresund BridgeDenmark’s second largest city is Aarhus, located on the mainland or Jutland. A huge number of remote and secluded islands appeal to travelers on holiday in Denmark for their wide-open spaces and fantastic wildlife, such as the island of Anholt, whilst the island of Samso is known for running entirely on renewable energyTravel to Denmark appeals to those looking to experience for themselves what life is like in one of the world’s most highly ranked countries, famed for its social development, education system and emphasis on equality. It is also the gateway to Scandinavia, with fantastic transport links from mainland Europe and easy connections with other Nordic nations.

History of Denmark

Although Norway is renowned for it’s Viking heritage, the Danish Vikings, who were most active between the 8th and 10th centuries, made their mark on early Europe by raiding and conquering parts of Western Europe and the Southern British Isles. The Kingdom of Denmark, as a unified nation, emerged around the 10th century, with the current Danish Royal Family able to trace their lineage back to Gorm the Old, who ruled in the early part of this century. His son later Christianised the kingdom in 965. Unified with Norway and Sweden in the powerful Kalmar Union by the 14th century, all three nations were ruled together under one sovereign leader. Sweden left the union in 1523, marking the beginning of centuries of struggles and conflicts between Sweden and Denmark and general unrest on the Danish Jutland due to the effects of the sweeping divisions of Lutherism, which has transformed Europe by this point. The 17th century saw Denmark lose a number of its prized territories to Sweden, a result of continuing conflict, whilst up into the 18th century, the everyday people were subject to a relatively demanding form of feudalism, until Crown Prince Frederick introduced reforms to free the peasants from enforced labor on the lands of the wealthy landowners. This marked a turning point in the freedoms of the common man in Denmark and the 20th century continued in the same theme, as the power of absolute monarchy decreased to be replaced by democracy. Although Denmark remained neutral in both World War’sGermany occupied the country in WWII, marking a dark time in the country’s history, although the Danish Resistance Movement fought fiercely to retain their freedoms. A number of landmarks, such as the Ryvangen Memorial Park in Copenhagen pay homage to this period in Danish history and are unmissable stops on a tour of Denmark to fully understand the cost of WWII on the country. Denmark was a founding member of the United Nations and is also part of the European Union, although it retains its own currency.

Nature in Denmark

A land of rolling plains, sandy coastline, and arable land, Denmark is a mostly flat country with very little elevation, making it the perfect place to explore on the two wheels of a bicycle. Due to its southernly situation, the country enjoys a more temperate climate in comparison to other Nordic nations so a holiday to Denmark can be enjoyed at any time of year. Sadly, much of Denmark’s ancient forests have been destroyed in the last millennium to make way for expanding agriculture, although among the remaining forests the most widespread tree is the famous Norway Spruce, the traditional, and still the most popular, Christmas Tree. Nevertheless, there are plenty of natural attractions to explore on a tour of Denmark, owing to the diverse environments across the numerous islands that make up the nation. At the northernmost point of the country, in Skagen, visitors are treated to an amazing natural phenomenon, as from the thin tip of the European mainland you can watch the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas meet. You can also expect to see a number of seals along the coastline here, many of which are famous friendly due to the number of tourists that visit the shores of Skagen. Another of Denmark’s most interesting natural attractions is Fur Island, in the Limfjord. This remote island, home to approximately 900 inhabitants, is known for its fascinating geological rock formations. Layers of volcanic ash and clay have sculpted strange patterns of the coastal cliffs that attract visitors on tour in Denmark, who want to discover some of the country’s more unique regions. Lovers of the great outdoors are sure to enjoy the Lake Highlands of interior Jutland, home to forests, glistening bodies of water and lush idyllic countryside, perfect for hiking and cycling. On the other hand, the dusty desert-like landscape of the island of Anholt is famous for its huge seal sanctuary. Another highlight is the island of Møn, with its dramatic scenery and its stunning coastline, flanked by the iconic chalk Cliffs of Møns Klimt. 

Danish Culture

With an emphasis on modesty, equality, and politeness, Danish national culture shares strong ties with that of Sweden and Norway. Danes are unimpressed by material goods and flashy achievements, and perhaps the best-known export of Danish culture is the concept of ‘Hygge’, recently gaining recognition worldwide. ‘Hygge’ is the feeling of coziness by creating a warm atmosphere in which to spend time with loved ones. It is a huge part of Danish culture and its importance might help to explain why the country is one of the happiest in the world when comfort, friendship, and family are integral parts of everyday life for most Danes. You can also expect to see a huge community spirit if you travel to Denmark. The country has some of the highest taxes in the world in order to ensure it is a pleasant place to live and there is a nation-wide push to battle climate change. There is a saying that ‘the bicycle in a Dane’s best friend’, with cycle-lanes used all year-round, no matter the weather. More traditional aspects of Danish culture include the prevalence of folklore, which has been passed down through the centuries and still feature in everyday culture, with references to elves and goblins. Of course, one of the most famous global exports is Danish design, characterized by functional and minimal furniture and household accessories.

The Kingdom of Denmark is sure to surprise you with its varied landscapes and archipelago of islands which offer unparalleled outdoors experiences. A trip to Denmark is an insight into the turbulent history of Scandinavia and a unique culture founded on a love of togetherness and ‘Hygge’.

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