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Multi-country trips

Multi-country trips

Multi-centre vacation packages

Multi-country trips

What could be better than travelling somewhere new? Well, travelling to several countries, all in one unforgettable trip, of course! A multi-country trip is one where you visit more than one country, giving you the opportunity to discover several cultures, an array of landscapes and tick a variety of places off of your bucket list in one go. Combining several countries into a single trip is a great way to see large parts of the world in a short space of time and maximise your vacation experience

If you’ve more time to spare, why not set off on an extensive journey through Africa, or get your cultural fix on an island hopping tour through Indonesia and Malaysia? On a multi-centre tour, you have the opportunity to really sink your teeth into your chosen region or continent. Uncover the contrasts between the countries of South America, get to know the cultures of the Baltic States or take a spiritual journey through the deserts, mountains and temples of India and Nepal. Travelling extensively to multiple countries might sound complicated, but our convenient itineraries take care of all the details so you can focus on taking in the sights and enjoying your well-deserved trip. 

Whether a cultural odyssey through Europe’s historic capitals or a classic tour through the natural wonders and traditions of Southeast Asia appeals to you, our multi-country vacation packages are the perfect choice for an intrepid adventure to remember!

Multi-country vacation packages


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Per night: $333

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James, Travel Expert

Travel crafter

A well-rounded trip where you’ll discover two mystical countries that each house a World Wonder! Perfect for the cultural connoisseurs and history enthusiasts.


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Per night: $217

Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand in 19 days +

Southeast Asian Odyssey

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    Halong Bay
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    Ho Chi Minh
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Hannah, Travel Expert

Travel crafter

A fascinating journey of discovery through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand! Visit the most prominent temples and be astounded at the natural beauty and rich culture of this part of the world as you embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Multi-country European vacation packages

The immense history, artistic heritage and trendy-setting cities of Europe make it a popular multi-country tour destination. Whilst the romance of the Mediterranean invites you to go island hopping in Greece or explore the dynamic capitals and sun-kissed beaches of the Iberian peninsula, Central Europe is the ideal place to trace the rise and fall of famous kings and queens and immerse yourself in a historic fairytale of unforgettable sights and monuments. With extensive road, rail and air connections, a multi-country vacation to Europe is an easy way to tick some of the continents most incredible sights off your bucket list. 

On the other hand, multi-country tours are the perfect way to combine different types of vacation into one getaway. Perhaps an adventure through the deserts and palaces of Rajasthan in India combined with a blissful beach stay in the Maldives is more your thing? Or how does a South African safari combined with an island escape to Mauritius sound to you? 

When it comes to multi-country tours, the opportunities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a month-long adventure of a lifetime or simply want to see as much of the world as you can during your two-week summer vacation, find the right combination to suit your travel style with our extensive selection of multi-country trips.