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Map of Medieval Cities & Magical Lakes
Medieval Cities & Magical Lakes
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Medieval Cities & Magical Lakes

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The perfect introduction to Croatia, this guided tour includes stays in the coastal cities of Dubrovnik, Split and Opatija as well as a visit to the magical Plitvice Lakes National Park and time in the capital of Zagreb.

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Extraordinary Vacation Packages & Tours to Croatia

Take an extraordinary Croatia vacation to explore the rich history, incredible natural beauty, and vibrant, diverse culture. Let Exoticca empower you to travel beyond your comfort zone for an epic trip to this captivating and historic land.

Discover stunning beaches and islands dotting the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic. There’s attractive architecture, gorgeous national parks, delightful villages, and a rich history. The people are friendly and welcoming, and Game of Thrones fans are in for a treat.
Read on to learn how to make your dream Croatia tour a reality. Most of our Croatia packages include flights, hotels, transfers, tours, and even some meals.

Trips to Croatia from Canada


Book a Croatia vacation, and allow Exoticca to direct your journey through this fascinating country. We arrange everything, leaving you free to check off several epic sights and activities.

Officially the Republic of Croatia, Hrvatska connects central and south-east Europe. Born out of the demise of Yugoslavia, it declared independence on June 25, 1991, with the war finally ending in August 1995.

Since then, the country has modernized and now thrives. The economy is fully integrated, globalized, high-income, and service-based. Unsurprisingly, tourism is a vital industry taking advantage of several unique attractions.

Most trips to Croatia delve into Dubrovnik’s fascinating medieval heritage, encapsulated within the austere walls surrounding the old town. Many visitors recognize features from the acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones, filmed here.

The inland capital Zagreb is wedged into the Dinaric Alps and remains the trendy, cosmopolitan center of arts, culture, and science. The alluring city of 1.2 million people is also at the core of political, administrative, and economic affairs.

Diocletian’s Palace boggles the mind in Split, while the first-century AD Roman amphitheater in Pula once showcased gladiators and is a must-see. Our tours target the most popular and compelling sights to provide magical experiences that last a lifetime.

These Croatia tours start and end in Canada. Flights depart from Montreal, Quebec, or Toronto. Flights to Croatia are long-haul, so we recommend you book a layover to break up the journey.

Top points of interest in Croatia

While Croatia isn’t a huge country, it packs a punch with several fantastic and distinctive attractions. We offer various tailored tours of Croatia that feature the best of the country.


An admired medieval city famed for unique architecture, Dubrovnik is integral to our Croatia multi-day tours. The fantastic old town offers a collection of gorgeous buildings and structures like the cathedral of the Assumption, the Sponza Palace, and the Franciscan Monastery.

Nestled beside the Adriatic Sea, most tourists explore the narrow cobblestoned streets of the old town on foot. Stroll the city walls, have a sunset cocktail on one of the beautiful beaches, or take the cable car for a bird’s eye view.

The old town is the filming location for the popular Game of Thrones series. If you’re a fan, you can take a tour to follow in the footsteps of the show’s favorite actors. 

The cuisine is a unique fusion of Greek, Italian, and Ottoman influences. Whether you’re partial to seafood, meat, or vegetarian dishes, you’ll find fresh produce flavored with local herbs and spices easy to come by.

Plitvice Lakes

Many of our Croatia vacation packages from Canada include the largest and oldest national park, covering almost 30,000 hectares. It showcases a stunning karst landscape with meadows and forests, but the star of the show is the astounding Plitvice Lake system.

Ongoing geological and biochemical processes form natural dams by depositing calcium carbonate. Waterfalls connect them, cascading the water over dolomite and limestone. These watercourses are interconnected both above and below ground.

The natural beauty and processes also provide a natural habitat for remarkable biodiversity. Populations of brown bear, gray wolf, and lynx roam the forests along with several rarer species.


This charming coastal town in the northwest is a popular seasonal resort area. Book one of our vacation packages to Croatia to visit this elegant area bordered by forests and the Adriatic. 

Named after the 14th century Opatija Sv. Jakova, or Abbey of Saint Jacob, the town gained popularity during the 19th century. Initially, it was a health resort for the aristocracy, earning it the “Cannes of Croatia” tag. Today, it is again a health and wellness destination.

Visit the neo-Romanesque Church of the Annunciation with its bright green dome. Don’t miss the Maiden with a seagull sculpture on the reef beside the promenade overlooking Kvarner Bay.

There aren’t many major attractions, but the vibe and luxurious mansions and hotels are exquisite. To the north and south are rocky, picturesque coastal landscapes and smaller resorts.


The country‘s second-largest city and the largest in Dalmatia, Split is a buzzing central peninsula that has spread into the surrounding areas. Most gravitate to the old city dominated by Diocletian’s Palace.

In prime position beside the harbor, it takes up half of the old town and resembles a fortress. A striking Roman ruins complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s also a living museum. Croatia guided tours lead you through the winding lanes of shops, hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Game of Thrones fans can visit the medieval Klis Fortress for stunning vistas over Split and the islands beyond. Don’t miss the octagonal Cathedral of St. Domnius and tour the ruins of the ancient city of Salona.

Croatia: Off the beaten track

While our team produces guided tours covering most of the significant sights, you can expect time to do some exploring on your own. Research to discover a few gems and use your free time to head off the beaten track in Croatia. 

Lastovo is an island getaway about three hours from Dubrovnik. Its isolation has kept away the hordes so far, but stories of lush scenery, picturesque villages, and exceptional fresh fish are out. Don’t forget to sample some of the locally-brewed fresh limoncello.

Zagreb, although not off the beaten track, is a renowned Christmas-time destination. Zadar’s amazing peninsular old town is famed for its Roman and Venetian ruins. It’s relatively quiet and offers access to islands and national parks.

For Croatia adventure tours, consider Omis. It’s 15 miles (25 km) south of Split and offers trips to the iconic Blue Cave, with activities such as ziplining, river rafting, canyoning, and cliff jumping. It also has an incredible old town and white sand beaches.

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At Exoticca, we understand that organizing a dream vacation can be a burden. We organize epic guided tours of Croatia so all you have to do iswhile you disconnect from your busy daily life and recharge your batteries.

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Our Croatia trips mostly include all flights, hotel accommodations, transfers, and tours. Check your personal choice carefully, as there are variations to our all-inclusive deals.

Exoticca deals directly with hotel chains and airlines to provide affordable trips to stunning locations around the world. It’s our mission to make dream vacations to exotic destinations available to everyone. 

Croatia trips partially or fully guided

These extraordinary Croatia vacations are group tours. Our team arranges guided, semi-escorted, escorted, or independent options. Our knowledgeable guides offer authentic and safe experiences, empowering you to journey outside your comfort zone.

Learn about this incredible land with cultural encounters and enriching adventures. Exoticca widens your horizons with local experiences, ensuring we meet your wishes for an epic vacation.

If you prefer a private tour, inform our representatives. We’ll provide an exhaustive itinerary so you can take charge of your adventure.

Crafted by our own travel experts

Our team of travel experts incorporates personal experience to create and direct extraordinary escorted tours of Croatia. We test our itinerary routes and accommodations to ensure our customers enjoy a seamless, efficient operation.

We cover as much ground as possible to ensure you make the most of your dream trip. Our team understands that effective holidays match relaxation, inspiration, and education. We arrange and organize everything so you can check off bucket-list activities and sights. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to visit Croatia?


The high season is July and August, but it can be hot and crowded. Many choose windows from May to October when numbers and prices are lower. The temperate climate ranges between warm summers, and cooler but winters, with a higher chance of rain.

How expensive is Croatia?


Croatia may be more expensive than its Balkan neighbors, but it’s affordable by Western European standards. The local currency is the Euro, adopted at the beginning of 2023.

How far is it from Split to Dubrovnik?


It’s 153 miles (246 km) between the two cities by road. Take a ferry to get a unique perspective of the stunning coastline. It takes 4,5–6 hours, depending on which boat you take. You can also fly or take a bus.

What is a good amount of time to spend in Croatia?


It depends on how much time you have. Most trips to Croatia cover the major attractions in ten days or less, but there’s a lot to this diverse country, and many travelers stay much longer.

Which is better, Greece or Croatia?


Both have similar climates and access to excellent beaches and fantastic coastlines. Greece has more islands, but both have distinct cultures, cuisines, and histories. A Croatia vacation offers wonderful cities and convenient island hopping options.

Croatia Travel advice

Croatia tourist attractions

More information about Croatia

Stretched out along the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is adored for its gorgeous beaches, breathtaking national parks and famous historic landmarks, such as Dubrovnik’s dreamy old town, famously immortalised in the TV series Game of Thrones. Zagreb, the capital, is also home to a number of historic sights, ranging from regal mansions to ornate churches and impressive galleries and it’s known for its vibrant city culture, although it’s the Dalmatian coast and its many islands which holiday-makers fall for; white sand coves, clear waters and limestone cliffs make this region a must-visit on a tour of Croatia. 

At the crossroads of Southern and Central Europe, Croatia has its own distinct culture. Emerging from Yugoslavia in 1991, it has remained an off-radar travel destination until relatively recently. From the bucket-list-worthy Plitvice Lakes National Park, a magical world of waterfalls and lakes, to the beach-side paradise of Split and the atmospheric walled-city of Dubrovnik, Croatia packs a punch whether you’re longing for a laid-back beach break or an action-packed sightseeing tour. A holiday to Croatia opens up a smorgasbord of heritage sites, such as Zagreb’s Austro-Hungarian elegance and the Roman splendour of Pula. Diverse, dazzlingly beautiful and delightfully affordable, a trip to Croatia should be on your travel list!


History of Croatia

Croatia has a complex history, having come under the influence of many different empires and kingdoms across the centuries. Its rich historical legacy is kept alive today in its great number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient monuments, which are popular highlights on a tour of Croatia. In antiquity, Croatia’s coastline was inhabited by Greek colonies, notably on the islands of Vis and Hvar, before it became incorporated into the Roman Empire. Relics such as the magical Diocletian’s Palace in Split, a highlight of any trip to Croatia, pay testament to this period in the nation’s history. Croats, a Slavic people, arrived in the 7th-century, expanding inland from Dalmatia and establishing two separate Croatian states, Pannonia and Croatia.

In 925 these two duchies united to form the Kingdom of Croatia, under their first leader, King Tomislav. This newly founded kingdom entered a union with the neighbouring Kingdom of Hungary in the 12th-century, adopting many aspects of Hungarian culture and feudalism. The Middle Ages were characterised by struggles for control over the Adriatic with the Republic of Venice across the sea, and increasing threats to the sovereignty of the kingdom from the ever-growing Ottoman Empire. By the 16th-century the Ottomans controlled much of Croatia and retained their power in the region until their defeat in the Battle of Petrovaradin in 1716.

Following World War I, Croatia was merged into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During World War II the nation, occupied by the Axis powers, became a Nazi-backed puppet-state. This was a dark time in Croatia’s history as many racial laws were enacted, in line with those in place in fascist Germany. A strong resistance movement soon emerged, leading to the creation of the Federal State of Croatia, although, post-war Croatia, once again, became part of Yugoslavia. It was not until 1991 that this proud nation gained independence. Since then, its appeal as a travel destination has widened and today a trip to Croatia is on the lists of all who wish to experience the rich historical heritage of this diverse nation. 


Nature in Croatia

Croatia is well-known for its staggering natural beauty. Home to national parks cited as ‘the most beautiful in the world’, and beaches so pristine that they wouldn’t look out of place in a brochure for a far-flung tropical escape, Croatia has an unforgettable natural surprise around every corner. Forested karsts, tiny Dalmatian islands and brightly coloured lakes in a diverse palette of blues and greens are just some of the delights to explore on a trip to Croatia. One of the most biodiverse countries in Europe, there’s a number of top natural attractions to discover if you travel to Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park tops the list thanks to its spellbinding landscapes of waterfalls, canyons, turquoise lakes and lush forests.

Just a couple of hours outside of the capital of Zagreb, wooden walkways and hiking trails allow those who visit Plitvice to get in touch with unbounded nature in all its many forms. Mljet, Croatia’s southernmost island, is known for its great diving, pine forest-covered interior and sandy shoreline, making it one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets and another must-visit highlight. For the more adventurous, a trip to Croatia is incomplete without exploring some of its subterranean worlds. The caves of Paklenica National Park are brimming with bats, stalagmites and stalactites, the most famous being Manita Pec Cave. The national park is also great for nature lovers who can spot eagles, deers and even bears within its boundaries. Whether you’re into island-hopping, mountain hiking or nature trailing, Croatia’s natural beauty is unforgettable.


Culture in Croatia

Owing to its position on the crossroads between southern and central Europe, Croatia may offer familiar Mediterranean climes but its culture is distinctively unique. The official language of Croatian replaced Latin in the 19th-century and after centuries of fighting for the recognition of their own identity, Croatians are rightly proud of their country and culture. You’re likely to notice the prolific red and white checkerboard motif of the national flag during a holiday to Croatia, which adorns buildings and locals alike.

Regional diversity is another feature of Croatian culture. The people of Slavonia in the interior and the coastal Dalmatians are both proudly Croatian but have differences in traditions and culture, which makes getting to know the country even more fascinating. Croatia is a land of unique traditions and customs; from Dubrovnik’s rambunctious Feast of Saint Blaise celebrations to the ancient art of sword dancing on the Korcula islands, Croatia is scattered with curiosities and unique relics of its colourful past. 

Travel to Croatia, where beach paradise meets cultural melting-pot. Discover Roman ruins, eat Mediterranean delicacies and explore medieval cities on a tour of Croatia, the pearl of the Adriatic.

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