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What to see in Malaysia Bako National Park

What to see in Malaysia

Bako National Park

Tourist attractions Bako National Park

Located on the island of Borneo, the Bako National Park is the oldest in the Sarawak region. It is also one of the smallest, whose main charm lies in the beautiful cliffs of its coast, the huge bays of white sand or the rocky outlets. To access its interior it will be necessary to do so by boat, which navigates the mouth of the river until reaching the entrance to the park. This reserve has excellent access to the Borneo jungle. Among its rich vegetation, different types of ecosystems coexist.  The park is home to carnivorous plants and a rich variety of wildlife such as macaques, known for stealing food and personal belongings from confused tourists, as well as snub-nosed monkeys, which are only found in Borneo; the bearded pig, the largest mammal in Bako and other animals such as wild boars, otters, snakes and squirrels. The Bako National Park is one of the most popular visits on a trip to Malaysia and a great place to contemplate the nature of the island. Inside there are trails with different levels of difficulty for all walkers. There is also accommodation, so it is possible to spend the night there.


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