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Solo Travel

Solo Travel

Singles holidays

Solo Holidays

Thinking of travelling alone? There’s nothing quite like the freedom of solo travel. Without having to compromise with a travel companion you can dine where you like, choose the experiences you’re most interested in and explore new and exotic destinations at your own pace. Above all, travelling on your own allows you to follow your curiosity!

Anyone that has watched the movie or read the novel, Eat Pray Love, will understand the transformational possibilities of solo travel. There’s something liberating about travelling alone and it also opens up the opportunity to make friends and throw yourself into new and exciting experiences that you might not have had, had you been travelling with a companion. In our modern age, you can easily connect with other solo travellers in any destination thanks to social media and online solo travel groups, so there’s always the chance to socialise if you feel like it. 

When it comes to choosing your next adventure, popular solo travel destinations include Asia and Latin America, two of the most well-trodden backpacking destinations. Alternatively, solo travel city-breaks or even beach escapes can be just as enjoyable, giving you the space to sightsee or sunbathe to your heart’s content! When you are travelling solo, the only limit is your imagination. 

If you're ready to reconnect with yourself and want the tranquility of a fully solo experience, we also have self-guided tours where you explore the whole route independently at your own rhythm.

Best solo holidays

Map of Hashemite Kingdom, Pyramids & Nile Cruise
Hashemite Kingdom, Pyramids & Nile Cruise

From £ 3,549

£ 2,299

Per night: £ 153

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James, Travel Expert

Travel crafter

A well-rounded trip where you’ll discover two mystical countries that each house a World Wonder! Perfect for the cultural connoisseurs and history enthusiasts.



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Travel groups for singles

Travelling on your own shouldn’t hold you back, but if you prefer the support of a group tour, this is another great option for solo travellers. Travel groups for singles allow you to meet like-minded travellers and share the wonders of travel with one another. Travelling alone, but within a group also comes with the added benefit of not having to organise the details of your trip yourself. All you have to do is choose your dream destination and enjoy the journey! 

In a travel group for singles, you’re likely to make friends, so you’ll always have someone to share a bite to eat or a drink with after an exciting day of sightseeing. Although solo travel is appropriate in most parts of the world, for more adventurous pursuits, travelling within a group is recommended and sure to be an infinitely rewarding experience! If you're ready to reconnect with yourself and want the tranquility of a fully solo experience, we also have self-guided tours where you explore the whole route independently at your own rhythm. 

So, if you’re ready for your next solo travel adventure, discover our selection of unmissable trips for single travellers. Enjoy the comforts of your own private room and experience the wonders of travel within a group. Whether you’ve always dreamed of exploring the temples and cultural treasures of Asia, the immense landscapes of South America or the abundant wildlife of Africa, it’s time to find your next solo getaway!

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