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What to see in France French Riviera

What to see in France

French Riviera

Tourist attractions French Riviera

The French Riviera, known as the Côte d'Azur, is a coastal region in the southeast of France. This sunkissed destination started its journey to becoming a holiday hotspot during the 18th-century when it was known as a winter retreat for the aristocracy of Europe, who flocked to this natural Eden to escape colder climes. Following in the footsteps of the aristocrats were artists of the 19th-century, inspired by the idyllic landscapes. and the jet-set of the 1960s, who saw the French Riviera as a playground for the rich and famous. 

Considered to stretch from Marsailles in the east to Menton, on the edge of the Italian border, in the west, the French Riviera is a vast area of gorgeous beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and charming villages. If you travel to the French Riviera, some of the most notable destinations to explore along its immaculate coastline include Nice, Antibes, Juan Les-Pins, Cannes, Cassis, St. Tropez and the micro-state of Monaco. Each town and city has its own unique allure, but all share the promise of endless beaches, high-end accommodation, luxury shopping and fine French cuisine. 

Enjoying a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry, hot summers, the best time to travel to the French Riviera is in the spring and autumn when the resorts are less busy but fine weather is still guaranteed. Whenever you choose to holiday in the French Riviera, you’ll find postcard-perfect architecture, plenty of French culture and the endless blue backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. 

A trip to the French Riviera is all about enjoying the finer things and a slower pace of life. Whether your sipping an ice-cold glass of French rosé, the drink of choice in these parts, on the terraces of Nice’s Plaza Rossetti or sunning yourself on the golden beaches of Saint Tropez, the French Riviera exudes glamour, sophistication and style. 

If you can’t choose just one destination you’ll be pleased to know that travelling around the French Riviera is simple thanks to a coastal railway line which connects the major resort towns. The taxi service Uber also operates throughout the major destinations, making getting around even easier. If you’re into sightseeing, you can purchase a Côte d’Azur Card, which gives you discounted access to a smorgasbord of sights and landmarks across the whole region. 

What to see in the French Riviera

A region as large as the idyllic French Riviera is bursting with must-see sights and attractions. Many who travel to the French Riviera long to step foot inside the iconic city-state of Monaco and walk the streets of Monte Carlo. Known as one of the most exclusive destinations on the planet, Monaco covers an area of just 2.1 square kilometres, making it the second-smallest sovereign state in the world. Playground of the rich and a centre of global banking, visiting Monaco will reveal a fascinating place with its own unique history and culture. If you take a trip to Monaco be sure to visit the Monte Carlo Casino, perhaps the most prestigious gambling establishment in the world, housed within a palatial complex. Interestingly, citizens of Monaco are forbidden from entering its gaming rooms.

Another major city on the French Riviera, Nice is one of the more popular and accessible destinations in the region. With a long history and plenty of fabulous architecture, Nice is a year-round travel destination. The main thoroughfare, Promenade des Anglais, is lined by pebble-stone beaches, high-end hotels, casinos and enjoys captivating views of the Mediterranean.  Where Nice stands out is in its pretty old town, with narrow cobblestone streets and alleyways that zig-zag between tall tenement buildings and open out onto charming squares filled with cafes and bars. A trip to Nice is sure to be a highlight if you travel to the French Riviera.

You cannot plan a trip to the French Riviera without including the stylish city of Cannes, renowned for its annual Cannes Film Festival, where the red carpet is rolled out for the elite of Hollywood and beyond. Outside of the festival season, Cannes is still a fantastic holiday destination, with gorgeous stretches of sandy beach bordering the emblematic Boulevard Le Croissette, the palm-tree lined heart of the city. With a port full of super-yachts and a charming old town, known as Le Suquet, Cannes is an unmissable stop on a tour of the French Riviera.

Finally, Saint Tropez is perhaps the archetype of French Riviera resort towns. Once a humble fishing village, Saint Tropez exudes French flair and has a bohemian atmosphere, born out of its popularity with the artists of the French New Wave in the 1960s. With 5 kilometres of coastline, Saint Tropez has some of the most pristine stretches of sand in the French Riviera, where holidaymakers can enjoy the city’s favourite pastime: sunbathing! As well as its reputation as a sun-seekers paradise, Saint Tropez is also known as the shopping capital of the Côte d'Azur, home to an astonishing collection of luxury and high-end boutiques and shopping streets. The city also holds a number of sailing regattas, so if you’re a boating fan, Saint Tropez is sure to delight you with its port filled with luxury yachts and sailing boats. 



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