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Food in France

Food in


Food In France

One of the most prestigious cuisines in the world, French gastronomy is famed for its sophisticated flavours and fancy preparations. Consistently producing the world’s finest restaurants and chefs, a trip to France is a real treat for anyone who considers themselves a foodie! In fact, food is such a cornerstone of French culture that the gastronomic meal of France is even inscribed in the UNESCO list of intangible Cultural Heritage! Around the world, you’ll find restaurants specializing in French cuisine, but there’s no better place to sample iconic dishes such as Coq au Vin, Foie Gras and the simple, yet perfectly formed, French croissant than in their birthplace! Here are a selection of the most representative dishes in French cuisine:


Simple yet delicious, crepes are a cornerstone of traditional French cuisine. A thinner, more elegant cousin of the pancake, crepes are a versatile French dish that can be served at either breakfast, lunch or dinner. White flour, or sometimes buckwheat flour, is combined with milk and eggs and cooked in a sizzling pan. Crepes can be eaten with sugar, lemon juice, fruits or cream for a sweet dessert or snack, or filled with ham, egg and cheese for a filling savoury meal. No trip to France would be complete without eating at least a few crepes! Crêperies can be found in abundance in any major French town or city.


This long, thin type of bread is one of the most popular French foods in the world. Usually measuring around 65 centimetres in length, baguettes are characterized by their crunchy exterior and soft, doughy interior. The ways in which baguettes can be eaten are endless: fill them with meats and cheese, dip them in soup or gooey fondue or enjoy the perfect simplicity of a still-warm baguette on its own on the way home from the boulangerie!

French Onion Soup

No French restaurant menu would be complete without French onion soup. Usually served as a first course, this soup is made from meat stock and caramelised onions and is often served with croutons and a generous layer of cheese on top. Deliciously warming and indulgent, you’ll find French onion soup in any traditional French restaurant.

Frogs’ Legs

Dividing opinions, Frogs’ legs are another important dish of French gastronomy. A national delicacy, the history of this dish dates back to medieval times when French monks resorted to eating frogs’ legs during Lent. Nowadays, Frogs’ legs are eaten across France, most often prepared by sauteeing them with garlic, butter and parsley. Alternatively, some varieties are battered and fried, with the end result sometimes compared to chicken wings.


Roughly translated as ‘to puff up’, Souffle is a quintessentially French dessert. With a cloud-like consistency, chocolate varieties are among the most popular, although savoury Souffles containing cheese are also seen on French menus. A mainstay of French cuisine since the 18th century, making Souffle is a challenging task. French chefs train for years to master the art of the Souffle, and the dish continues to grace the menus of traditional French restaurants across France and the world!

Coq au Vin

One of the most popular French dishes, Coq au Vin is a hearty meat dish served as a main meal. As the name suggests, chicken is braised with red wine, mushrooms, bacon lardons, onions and garlic, resulting in a rich, indulgent dish, bursting with flavour and sophistication! When it comes to French food, this is one of the best-loved dishes internationally.


Those with a sweet tooth will relish the chance to indulge in traditional French pastries. From croissants to macarons and eclairs to madeleines, eating French pastries is one of the many joys of visiting France! Pastry chefs train for years to create these beloved sweet treats, and visiting a French Patisserie is a must-do for foodies in France. 

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