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What to see in Indonesia Lombok

What to see in Indonesia


Tourist attractions Lombok

Famous as a surfer’s paradise, Lombok is part of the idyllic Lesser Sunda Island Chain in southern Indonesia. Sandwiched between Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east, Lombok is largely untouched by mass tourism, so you’ll find desert-island beaches and unspoilt landscapes of volcanic mountains and verdant rainforests when you travel here. If you fancy immersing yourself in some of the most exotic and pristine environments on earth, a trip to Lombok is guaranteed to deliver. 

Crowned by majestic Mount Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, Lombok is a magnet for hiking enthusiasts, but it really stands out as a surfing hotspot, with a diverse range of breaks that tempt wave-riders to its shores from around the globe. 

If you travel to Lombok you’ll find the landscapes and traditional ways of life here have remained largely unchanged by the passing of time. You won’t find many international brands here, and generally, most shops and restaurants on the island are small, family-run affairs.

Whilst it might not be as popular as neighbouring Bali, a vacation to Lombok offers an in-expensive, laid-back escape in the midsts of enchanting tropical landscapes. Furthermore, the island is rich in indigenous Sasak culture, with plenty of opportunities to get to know the traditions of the locals throughout Lombok’s villages and cultural sights.

Things to see in Lombok

Travel to Lombok is all about immersing yourself in the abundant natural environment. A land of rainforests, volcanoes, pristine beaches and tropical waterfalls, at every corner nature presents itself in full glory. One such waterfall is Tiu Kelep, one of the best things to see in Lombok. Tucked away in the north of the island, Tiu Kelep Waterfall can be reached via a winding rainforest path. Arriving at the forest clearing you can admire the tumbling waterfall and cool off in the crystal-clear natural pool below. A further 15-minute trek brings you to the nearby Sandang Gile Waterfall, another natural wonder of Lombok.

Towering over the island, Mount Rinjani is an unmissable sight if you visit Lombok. This active volcano measures 3726-meters at its peak, making it the second-highest volcano in the country. A number of different guided tour options allow visitors to reach impressive viewpoints around the incredible Segara Anaka crater lake, a turquoise body of water measuring 6-kilometres at its widest point. The trek is physically demanding but worthwhile. Mount Rinjani is also an important cultural landmark as the peak is considered holy to Sasaks and Hindus alike. Pilgrims can be seen trekking to the summit in order to make offerings to this sacred mountain. 

For further insight into the beliefs and practices of the people of Lombok, be sure to visit Pura Lingsar Temple, located in the village of the same name. The holiest site on Lombok island, the temple dates back to 1714 and is surrounded by emerald rice fields. The temple is multi-denominational and offers places of worship for both Balinese Hindus and Lombok’s followers of the Wektu Telu religion. Inside, a lily pond devoted to Lord Vishu is home to holy eels, who feed on offerings purchased from nearby food stalls. Pura Lingsar provides a fascinating insight into the complex beliefs of Lombok’s people.

Finally, you cannot mention a vacation to Lombok without highlighting its immaculate coastline. Pantai Mawun Beach is considered one of the best beaches on the island. This long stretch of white sand is situated in the Kuta district of southern Lombok. Popular with swimmers and surfers alike, the soft white sand and turquoise waters are mostly deserted due to the beaches secluded position, making it the best place to visit in Lombok for an authentic desert-island experience!


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