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What to see in Armenia

Lake Sevan

The jewel of Armenia, Lake Sevan covers an amazing 5% of the country’s surface area. It sits at 1900 metres above sea level, making it one of the world’s largest high altitude lakes. The lake and the environment around it are popular natural attractions for tourists and Armenians alike. Standing at the shore of the Lake Sevan, in places, you can see only water for miles around, which explains why some call it the ‘Sea of Armenia’. The crisp fresh air of its mountainous location and the pleasant climate attract holidaymakers, keen to escape the scorching summer months in the busy cities.

The territory around the lake is a dedicated national park with lush woodland, rocky hills and immaculate beaches. Mammals such as wolf, fox, jackals and hares roam the wilderness around the lake, as well as a rich birdlife of up to 267 species. The waters of the lake itself are famously chameleon-like, changing from bright blue to turquoise and grey, depending on the weather. If you tire from watching the glistening waters of the lake, there are numerous points of interest surrounding the lake, such as the 9th-century Sevanavank monastic complex, located on the northwestern shore of the lake, and the Noratus Cemetary, an otherworldly medieval burial site with an abundance of early carved khachkars, Armenian crosses.

Lake Sevan is perfectly equipped for holiday makers, surrounded by relaxing beaches, woodland for hiking and year-round leisure activities from biking to swimming, windsurfing and boat trips. Licensed fishing is also popular on the shimmering lake, with an abundant fish population, home to the endangered ishkhan trout, a delicacy of the area, served in the many fish restaurants dotted along the shore. Although Lake Sevan has plenty of campsites and lodges to accommodate visitors it is only a short ride by bus from the capital of Yerevan, so it is also a popular day-trip destination for those looking to soak up some of Armenia’s natural beauty.

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