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Extraordinary Holiday Packages & Tours to Chile

Book one of our Chile tours to create lifelong memories in the land of poets. The longest and narrowest country in the world boasts an incredible 6,437 km (4,000 mile) coastline. It’s also the most southern-lying nation, the Austral tip only 643 km (400 miles) north of Antarctica.

Allow Exoticca to arrange your dream trip and help you escape your comfort zone. Our extraordinary Chile holiday packages include flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and even some meals so you can focus on packing. Vámonos!

Chile trip packages from the UK


A tour to Chile introduces you to the western edge of South America. Varied landscapes, a combination of cultures, and a spectrum of climates offer a rich tapestry of travel adventures.

Book our Chile holiday packages from the UK. Flights launch from London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, and other major cities.

Top points of interest in Chile

This country offers an enormous variety of attractions. Discover the top points of interest to include on your Chile tours below.

Atacama Desert

Known as the driest non-polar region on earth, the Atacama desert is captivating and otherworldly.

The arid climate was vital for preserving the famed Chinchorro mummies. View them on your Chile trip to the Archeological Museum in Arica. At least 7,000 years old, they predate Egyptian examples by two millennia.

Easter Island

Remote Rapa Nui has 887 massive monolithic statues littering the almost treeless island. They’re a testament to a singular culture that mysteriously collapsed.

Raraku National Park is a quarry where you can see the statues in various states of production. Watching the sunrise from Tongariki is a must-do for visitors. 

Santiago de Chile

Most Chile tours begin in the capital, with the snow-capped Andes on one side and the Chile Coast Range on the other. It mixes modernity and historical architecture with various styles.

The Plaza de Armas is the colonial heart of the city. Visit the National History Museum, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the former home of Nobel laureate poet Pablo Neruda.

Watch the changing of the guard at La Moneda Palace, or soar to the top of the tallest building in South America, the Sky Costanera, for epic views.

Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos

Many Chile tours visit this nature reserve consisting of shimmering salt flats, high-altitude lagoons, and interesting examples of wind erosion.

The reserve gets its name from the flamingos that call the park home. Three species join an abundant birdlife that includes hawks, condors, and Andean seagulls.

Divided into seven distinct regions of varying altitudes and climatic conditions, it protects rich flora and fauna despite being a desert.


Once known as the “Jewel of South America,” this bohemian port city takes up the southern end of a broad bay. Learn about its colorful history on your Chile trip.

Charismatic Valpo has several steep hills with fabulous street art and functional funiculars. Climb the winding roads up the “Cerros” for stunning views over the city and ocean. Stop in at one of the boutique bars for a pisco sour and live music.

Visit the cathedral, parks, theaters, cafes, and the colonial La Matriz church. There are also beaches where adventurous travelers can surf.

Chile: Off the beaten path

In southern Patagonia, the Torres del Paine National Park is astounding. Hike, camp, or climb among glaciers, mountains, icy lakes, flora, and fauna. El Chalten is also extraordinary if you’re looking for Chile adventure tours.

Book your vacation package to Chile with Exoticca


Allow Exoticca to arrange your unforgettable dream holiday. We empower you to escape your comfort zone and widen your horizons with the trip of a lifetime. 

All included: Flights, hotels, tours & transfers

Most of our all-inclusive Chile holiday packages cover flights, hotels, transfers, tours, and even some meals. Check your booking carefully, as not all our offers are identical.

Our agents negotiate directly with hotel chain groups and airlines to secure the most affordable deals for our clients.

Chile partially or fully guided tours

Exoticca offers group tours to Chile in the form of fully guided, escorted, semi-escorted, or independent options. You can also chat to our travel agents to arrange a private tour.

Crafted by our own travel experts

Exoticca’s travel specialists have crafted hundreds of itineraries to different locations. Our team uses decades of experience to curate truly memorable Chile tours.

We partner with an extensive network of local guides and service providers to ensure safe and secure cultural encounters with enriching experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to visit Chile?


High season is the November to February summer window, when tourists throng the beaches. For epic skiing, choose the Andean winter wonderland from June to August.

Is Chile affordable to visit?


Chile is one of the less affordable countries in South America, with costs significantly higher than in Brazil, for example. The most significant chunk of cost goes to flights and accommodation, but you can craft a budget-friendly trip with some research.

How many days do you need for Chile?


The best Chile tours require at least two weeks for a comprehensive understanding, but you can also see the main sights within a few days.

Is English widely spoken in Chile?


Spanish is the official language of Chile. Inhabitants of larger cities often have higher rates of English comprehension. Apart from hospitality or tourism industry personnel, there’s little opportunity for the local population to practice English.

What is the climate of Chile?


The desert north has hot days and cold nights. The central region has a Mediterranean temperate climate with wet, cool winters from May to August. It gets progressively damper and more frigid the further south you go. Easter Island is humid and subtropical.

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Chile touristische attraktionen

Mehr Informationen über Chile

Die Republik Chile ist das längste und schmalste Land der Welt im Südwesten Südamerikas, eingebettet zwischen Pazifik und Anden mit einer Ausdehnung von 4.270 km von Nord nach Süd, von der trockensten Wüste der Welt bis zur Antarktis.

Sie grenzt im Norden an Peru, im Osten an Bolivien und Argentinien, im Westen an den Pazifik und im Süden ebenfalls an den Ozean und die Antarktis. Das ozeanische Chile wird durch die Inseln San Felix, San Ambrosio, das Archipel Juan Fernandez, die Inseln Sala und Gomez und die Osterinsel integriert, die beiden letzteren gehören zu Ostpolynesien, weshalb sie dem Kontinent Ozeanien entsprechen und darüber hinaus ein antarktisches Gebiet umfassen.

Jede organisierte Reise nach Chile beginnt in der Hauptstadt Santiago, die rund 18 Millionen Einwohner zählt, und beinhaltet die südlichste Stadt der Welt, Puerto Williams. Es verfügt über reichlich natürliche Ressourcen wie Gold, Silber, Mangan, Öl, Kupfer, Eisen, Gas und Kohle. 80% des Landes sind gebirgiges Gelände und in seiner vielfältigen Geographie gibt es auch Täler, Gletscher, Flüsse, Seen, Fjorde, Dünen und Vulkane, die die Heimat zahlreicher Nationalparks sind. Kurioserweise ist es nach Japan das seismischste Land der Welt.

Die Reisen nach Chile sind für alle Liebhaber der einheimischen Fauna spannend. Im Norden laufen die Lamas, Guanacos, Alpakas und Vikunjas herum, und im Süden hinterlassen Puma, Pudu und Fuchs ihre Spuren. Entlang der Anden zeigt der Andenkondor seinen majestätischen und berühmten Flug, der im Schild des Landes zu finden ist, und die Fauna der südlichen Zone besteht aus Pinguinen, Robben und See-Elefanten.

Dieses Land hat Wunderdichtern wie Gabriela Mistral und Pablo Neruda, Literaturnobelpreisträgern und mythischen Singer-Songwritern wie Víctor Jara und Violeta Parra das Leben gerettet.

Nach Chile zu reisen bedeutet, ein authentisches Naturschutzgebiet zu entdecken, das uns ununterbrochen mit den spektakulären Landschaften, einer starken nationalen Identität und einer großen Vielfalt an Bräuchen erfreut.

Chile ist reine Luft, faszinierende Orographie, Tradition und Avantgarde, Hitze und Kälte, araukanische Wurzeln und koloniale Vergangenheit, legendäre Moais, Abenteuer, religiöse Leidenschaft, Schnee, Wasser und, Sand Wein, zwanzig Liebesgedichte und ein verzweifeltes Lied, aber vor allem ist es der schönste Platz auf dem Planeten, um den Blick auf die Tausenden von Sternen des Firmaments zu richten und die Geheimnisse des Universums zu enträtseln.

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