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What to see in Portugal Coimbra

What to see in Portugal


Tourist attractions Coimbra

Located on the banks of the Mondego River, Coimbra stands as a cultural treasure in the heart of Portugal and a must-see destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of this country. Among its highlights, Coimbra's imposing university campus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dominates the skyline with its ancient buildings and exquisitely landscaped gardens. Visitors can stroll through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, explore the imposing Joanina Library with its priceless collections of ancient books, or marvel at the Gothic architecture of the Sé Velha, a cathedral dating back to the 12th century.Coimbra is also famous for its fado serenades, an emotive form of Portuguese music that echoes through its streets and squares, capturing the soul of the city in every note.


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