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What to see in Chile

Puerto Natales

This coastal city, an old fishing village, is located in front of the Patagonian Andes between the Pacific Ocean and the Argentinean countryside. It has a beautiful landscape of valleys, lakes, fjords, archipelagos and glaciers.

It is the gateway to the beautiful Torres del Paine National Park and the Los Glaciares National Park.

Among the attractions of the city is the Municipal Historical Museum,a Casino, Plaza de Armas and the port area where you can find Costanera Pedro Montt, the Señoret Canal waterfront and the Gaffos Pier, a great place to contemplate the landscape. It is a delight to walk calmly through the city streets, adorned with colorful houses and to climb the Cerro Dorotea, 800 meters away, to get the best shots of the city and hopefully contemplate the majestic flight of the condor. Near Puerto Natales is the Cave of the Milodón, formed by three 11,000 year old caverns that were inhabited by an enormous extinct mammal, the Mylodon, which was a genus of the ground sloth.