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What to see in Bhutan Paro

What to see in Bhutan


Tourist attractions Paro

The mountains around Paro, located in northwestern Bhutan, are almost 5500m high. Arriving by plane to this city is an experience in itself. The approach and landing maneuver to one of the 10 most dangerous airports in the world is reserved for only 17 experienced and authorized pilots. The plane makes a series of turns and is placed almost sideways to avoid the mountains and descend to 2235 m to land. An impressive and unforgettable experience that will kick-start any journey through the Kingdom of Bhutan.Paro Airport can be reached from New Delhi and Calcutta, Dhaka, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kathmandu. The flight from Nepal to Bhutan passes through the Himalayas. During the journey, the pilot invites the passenger to contemplate, from the windows on the left side of the aircraft, the Himalayan Range, which is immense and immaculate by the snow. The panorama is indescribable and it seems that the four tops of the highest mountains in the world, Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Kangchenjunga, could be touched with the fingers. Without a doubt, it is worthwhile to be attentive and enjoy this great visual spectacle.When you get off the plane, a large painting of the attractive kings of Bhutan and a traditional construction in the purest Bhutanese style, with green roofs and a white facade with wooden ornaments painted in bright colors, welcomes newcomers.  Paro International Airport immerses you in the beautiful architecture of the country as soon as you get to the city and when you leave the building, on the other side of the road under a cableway, a few local guides dressed in traditional costume wave the papers with the name of travelers who will be accompanied during their package tours to Bhutan, taking into account that you can not visit the country without a guide.

Paro, located in an immense and beautiful green valley and crossed by the Paro Chhu river, is 50 km from the airport and 55 km from the capital. It was created in 1985 and is home to some 20,000 inhabitants. Its main street is full of colorful traditional buildings that house institutions, restaurants, cafes and craft shops.

Its urban nucleus is very small, so the nature that surrounds the city seems to engulf it becoming the true attraction so the steep mountains, the pine forests, the clean air, and the calm atmosphere is undoubtedly the highlight of the place. Rinpung's Dzong was built in the 15th century on the banks of the river to defend against the invasions of Tibet. Its name means "lots of jewels" and there is no doubt that it is considered a historical treasure of the city. It is the seat of the administration of the valley of Paro and home to a monastic community of about 240 members. Inside this colossal building, you can admire mandalas painted on the walls, which represent the cosmos and are considered excellent works of art. The beautiful central tower built in 1646 is connected to the fortress by a bridge. In the spring it is adorned with colorful fabrics to host its tseshu, a festival of masks. As a curiosity, it is noteworthy that part of the famous Bertolucci film "The Little Buddha" starring Keanu Reeves was recorded there. On the hill above the monastery-fortress stands an ancient round watchtower called Ta Dzong, which has been the headquarters of the National Museum of Bhutan since 1964. It houses 3000 works of art that reflect the country's rich heritage such as statues, religious paintings, weapons, utensils, stamps, jewelry and textiles. Paro is also the city of departure for several of the hiking trails that are offered by the area among which is the ascent to the famous Tiger's Nest, the main tourist attraction of the area and the country.

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Tourist attractions bhutan

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