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Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi National Park

This protected area of 32255 hectares is located on the eastern side of the Andes Mountain Range and features the majestic Cotopaxi volcano, standing 5897 meters above sea level, with its eternal snow cap. It is surrounded by several dormant volcanoes such as Rumiñahui, 4757 with its toothed chain of blackish stone mountains and Morurco, located on the slopes of the south face of the Cotopaxi.

The park has the highest number of clear days per year in the Ecuadorian Andes and as such, it is possible to climb the Cotopaxi throughout the year. Despite more than a dozen eruptions recorded to its credit, it is the most active volcanoes in South America and one of the most active in the world, but this does not prevent many athletes and climbers from reaching the summit every year. Because it is located in the inter-Andean valley and very close to several cities such as Quito and Latacunga, it is one of the most visited parks in the country and for many Ecuadorians, it is the first place in their lives where they touch snow.

Most of the terrain is sandy, black and wavy with deep canyons and ravines. An exotic and privileged flora and fauna inhabit this place like pines, firs, ash trees, flowers like the orchid, bears, llamas, whitetail deer, foxes, rabbits, weasels, alpacas, wild horses, pumas, Andean toucans, condors, hummingbirds and wolves.Nature lovers can find in the Cotopaxi National Park an inhospitable landscape featuring one of the most beautiful mountains on the planet and a rich abundance of wildlife.

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