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What to see in Chile


This beautiful coastal city, called "the jewel of the Pacific" and a World Heritage Site is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. It consists of a commercial area in the lower part and a residential area located in the 42 hills that are accessed through steep streets, stairs or elevators and public funiculars. The houses are painted in bright colors and the most humble facades coexist amicably with impeccable and luxurious mansions. The bohemian and artistic atmosphere can be seen through the prolific urban art in the form of murals in all areas of the city. The Plaza de la Victoria is a meeting point in the city and the most commercial streets are Avenida Argentina and Pedro Montt with old electric buses and a busy atmosphere. At the Prat Wharf, you can enjoy a pleasant walk through the bay. La Sebastiana is another of the three houses of Neruda and the most visited place of the Cerro Bellavista area.