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What to see in India



Step back in time in Mahabalipuram, nestled in a magical location between the Bay of Bengal and the Great Salt Lake in the state of Tamil Nadu. A true historical treasure, filled with ancient monuments and temples dating back to the days of the mighty Pallava dynasty, a tour of Mahabalipuram will leave you in awe of the sheer majesty of the well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage monuments.

The largest, the Shore Temple Complex is the most famous and is known for its trio of granite shrines. Almost exclusively a tourist town, Mahabalipuram attracts visitors who can trace the history of one of India’s oldest cities, once a major seaport of the Pallava kingdom. The historical sights are easily accessible on foot or bicycle and for an unforgettable experience, time your temple visits with the sunset to watch the golden glow of the sun against the silhouette of these ancient monuments.

Other sights include the Pancha Rathas, chariot-shaped temples and the Descent of the Ganges, historic monolithic rock carvings. If you are taking a trip to Mahabalipuram it’s also useful to know that there are plenty of amenities and restaurants for visitors, and aswell as a trendy, up-and-coming surfing scene!

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