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What to see in Germany Nuremberg

What to see in Germany


Tourist attractions Nuremberg

The second-largest city in Bavaria, Nuremberg’s appeal lies in its spectacular architecture, artistic heritage and vibrant nightlife, fuelled by the locally brewed beer, a source of great pride for the citizens of this historic city! Once the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg oozes history, from its half-timbered houses to its medieval castles and atmospheric city lanes. The city is also remembered as the stage for the Nazi party rallies of the 1930s and the later post-war trials. Nevertheless, the city presents all parts of its history in a number of heritage sites and fascinating museums, making a tour of Nuremberg a journey through one of Germany’s most important and diverse destinations.

A trip to Nuremberg in winter is the ultimate festive getaway, thanks to its world-famous Christkindlesmarkt, a major Christmas attraction, held every year in the city centre between the end of November and Christmas Eve. Travelling to Nuremberg is also the chance to get to know the history of what was once the powerhouse of Germany’s industrial revolution. Furthermore, if you visit Nuremberg, you can marvel at the impressive reconstruction of the old town, or Aldstadt, rebuilt to its former glory following its devastation during the Allied bombings of 1945.

As well as compelling museums and countless places of historical intrigue, Nuremberg is a foodie destination for those looking to sample the hearty delights of Franconian cuisine. Bratwurst, potato dumplings and gingerbread are just a few of the mouthwatering delights that await visitors on a trip to Nuremberg!


Things to see in Nuremberg

If you travel to Nuremberg it’s impossible to miss the Imperial Castle. Perched above the old town, this huge castle complex is a symbol of Nuremberg’s medieval heritage. Dating back to the 12th-century, during the days of the Holy Roman Empire it played host to emperors, and in later years, Bavarian royalty. Highlights of a tour of Nuremberg’s Imperial Castle include the tranquil castle gardens and the cylindrical Sinwell Tower.

Art-lovers will relish a visit to Albrecht Dürer’s House, one of the best things to do in Nuremberg. The former house and workplace of famous German artist and Renaissance theorist, Albrecht Dürer in the 16th-century, this memorial and museum are bursting with original artworks and period furnishings. Here you can trace the evolution of Dürer’s printing techniques and enjoy a tour of the house, guided by a convincing character actor who narrates the life and work of Dürer through the eyes of his wife, Agnes.

For something a little more contemporary, the Deutsche Bahn Museum is a must-see. Famously, Nuremberg was the birthplace of the German railway and this brilliant interactive museum is a great choice for all ages. Here you can chart over two centuries of railway history. Highlights include Germany’s oldest railway carriage and two halls full of legendary locomotives.

Finally, the Memorium Nuremberg Trials is another important sight for those interested in the history of the city. This permanent exhibition contains a plethora of information about the Nuremberg Trials of the 1940s. Engaging visitors with audio and visual sources, alongside original documents, the memorial museum thoughtfully brings to life this important event in German history.



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