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What to see in United Arab Emirates Dubai

What to see in United Arab Emirates


Tourist attractions Dubai

A package holiday to Dubai will introduce you to the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is an absolute paradise for shopping lovers, as the whole city is bursting with fantastic shopping opportunities and huge shopping malls, inside which you can find any type of product, and where tax policies favour the acquisition of luxury products at a reasonable price. Taking a tour of Dubai will introduce you to a city of contrasts, where the most traditional Arab architecture and culture go hand in hand with the fantastically modern buildings, among which, some of the largest in the world can be found. In recent years, Dubai has made a strong commitment to making tourism a sustainable source of income, beyond oil, a natural resource that has ensured it is one of the richest cities in the world, although this resource is limited due to its scarcity. Nowadays, Dubai has many attractions to offer to travellers that visit the city such as impressive buildings, impossible constructions, in the form of artificial islands up to a mile out at sea, and luxury hotels; it also attracts tourists and holidaymakers with its impressive deserts and idyllic beaches, situated along the Persian Gulf. 

What to see on a trip to Dubai

The Burj Al Arab hotel is said to be the only seven star hotel in the world. Since its inauguration, hotel aficionados have consistently ranked it amongst the best in the world.All of its rooms are suites and the hotel transfer service consists of a fleet of BMW, Rolls Royce and a private helicopter. The lowest price for just one night: 1300 euros.

You can't go anywhere in Dubai without seeing the silhouette of the Burj Khalifa towering above the other buildings, It is the tallest building in the world. You can go up to the viewing platform on the top floor, with an advance reservation. This is recommended at sunset, to see the illuminated city below.

Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater creek which penetrates the land by about 10 kilometers. This geographical accident, known by the ancient Greeks as the River Zara, marks the beginning of the construction of the city. Dubai Creek separates Deira and Bur Dubai, the two historical areas of the city. To cross from one side to the other there are two bridges, a tunnel and small boats which ferry pedestrians between the two sides. 

The emirate of Dubai is small, but around the city, there is a desert of dunes that can be explored on a half-day excursion where the fun is guaranteed. The tours through the desert of Dubai usually include falconry shows, outdoor dining and belly dance performances. 

An impressive shopping center with over 1,200 shops and a weekly visitor count of 750,000. There is a gigantic interior aquarium, an ice hockey rink and two separate areas. The lower area is dedicated to fashion and gastronomy, and the upper level, to electronics and home wares. 

A pleasant district located along a 3.5 kilometers artificial canal, which offers access to the sea at both ends. Dubai Marina comprises many skyscrapers which house residential towers, shopping centers and luxury hotels. Dubai Fountain. Inaugurated in spring 2009, Dubai Fountain is to Dubai what the Fountains of Bellagio are to Las Vegas: one of the most beautiful free attractions in the city.

Dubai Fountain is 275 meters in length and comprises 6,600 lights and 50 video projectors to illuminate the water. It can launch jets of water up to 150 meters into the air. 

Artificial islands built on reclaimed land, in order to increase the land available after the ban on foreigners buying property was lifted. The complex is shaped as three giant palm trees which can only be seen from the air. A similar project followed later in the shape of a world map. 

Dubai is known throughout the world for its extravagance in terms of strange and impossible construction projects, and the artificial archipelago known as The World is one of the best examples of this.Constructed as an ambitious project off the coast of Dubai, next to Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands have a combined land mass of over 9,000,000 square metres which are divided into 300 islands distributed in the form of a giant map of the world. 

The ultimate waterpark in Dubai. It is located in one of the newest and most luxurious hotels in Dubai, the Atlantis. Aqua venture has pioneered features previously unseen at other water parks: there are rising carriages, a ride which takes you through a shark tank, and mechanical ramps to automatically return the carriages to the top of the rides. 

The Jumeirah mosque is the most important mosque in Dubai and it is for two reasons: for its impressive architecture and for being the only mosque that non-Muslims can access. Of course, to access the interior you must respect the dress as in any other mosque in the world: you must go barefoot, you cannot enter with shorts or tank tops and women must cover their hair.


Tourist attractions united-arab-emirates

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