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What to see in Israel Tel Aviv

What to see in Israel

Tel Aviv

Tourist attractions Tel Aviv

Growing in popularity in recent years, Tel-Aviv is a popular beach destination situated on the Mediterranean coast, known for its quirky architecture, nightlife and for its cosmopolitan atmosphere. The summers in Tel-Aviv can be scorching, making spring and autumn the best times to visit, when the beaches welcome locals and visitors alike with their well-kept sand and warm sea.

Although the city is easily navigable on foot, there is a huge calendar of events and a lively atmosphere, comparable to some of the world’s biggest cities, with a busy center owing to thriving modern industries. Tel-Aviv has a big coffee culture, with an endless number of trendy cafes to choose from, often occupied by digital nomads working on their laptops. Joggers pace up and down the wide sea-view promenades, overlooked by upmarket eateries and boutique shops and lined with palm trees. This is a side to Israel far-removed from Jerusalem. It’s a liberal city with a great fashion and arts scene, attractive to the young for its all-week nightlife and to the old for its seaside location.

Many tours of Tel Aviv will focus on its ‘White City’ center, populated with Bauhaus architecture, the symbol of the city. Tel Aviv is in fact home to the most Bauhaus buildings outside of Germany, composed of over 4,000 structures, with their straight angles and immaculately designed curves. Although this UNESCO World Heritage Site is at the heart of Tel-Aviv and brimming with restaurants, cafes and a young and trendy atmosphere, there is much more to see in the city. Levinsky Market is the perfect place to examine the mix between the old and the new, home to traditional spice stalls and artisan coffee shops placed side-by-side. The oldest part of the city and an ancient port city, Jaffa is a fantastic place to slip into the history of the region. Here you can explore enchanting flea markets, an underground museum, and stroll around the quaint fishing port and marina.

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