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What to see in Germany Berlin

What to see in Germany


Tourist attractions Berlin

The capital of Germany, travel to Berlin is eternally popular thanks to its intoxicating combination of fascinating cultural sights and its trendsetting art scene. A cultural melting pot, you’ll find influences from around the globe in the cuisine, art and nightlife of Berlin. A trip to Berlin will reveal a city with a long and complex history, seen in its fragmented Berlin Wall, the poignant Holocaust Memorial or the imposing Brandenburg Gate. 

Berlin is home to a smorgasbord of architecture, from ultra-modern Potsdamer Platz to the grand architecture of Schloss Charlottenburg or the edgy concrete highrises of the eastern part of the city. Well-known for its artsy and young atmosphere, creatives from around the world flock here to live in a forward-thinking city with a ‘live and let live’ attitude. You can’t visit Berlin without noticing the fun-loving, bohemian vibe of the city. Admire colorful street art, dance till dawn at some of the best nightclubs on earth or clink a huge stein of beer at a no-frills Biergarten. Berlin is young at heart. 

A city break to Berlin is a great choice as the well-organised public transport system can whisk you around the city at lightning speed, allowing you to hit all the must-see landmarks in just a few days. Choose from the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams or buses, a cheap and easy way to get around this sizable city. 

Things to see in Berlin

As a city of art, visiting the countless museums and galleries are one of the top things to do in Berlin. You’ll find all kinds of galleries showcasing the works of residence Berliners throughout the city, a great chance to appreciate the cutting-edge art scene at the heart of Berlin. When it comes to museums, the Museumsinsel or Museum Island is a great place to start. Nestled in the heart of historic Berlin, this museum complex is home to some of the city’s most impressive collections. The Pergamon Museum houses various treasures from Ancient Greece whilst the Altes Museum is known for its Ancient Egyptian relics. The Bode Museum is best for Byzantine art and the Alte Nationalgalerie is home to great works of German art. Be sure to soak up the culture at the Museumsinsel if you travel to Berlin.

This historic city was the stage of many of the most momentous events of the 20th-century. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was one of them, and if you visit Berlin today, the Berlin Wall Memorial is a fascinating artefact of this tumultuous period in history. Located in the middle of the city on Bemauerstrasse, the Berlin Wall Memorial contains a 1.4 kilometer stretch of the original Berlin Wall. Along with Checkpoint Charlie, this is one of the most important testaments to Berlin’s Cold War history. 

At the bottom of leafy Unter der Linden, is the famous Brandenburg Gate, one of the best things to see in Berlin. This famous archway has seen the likes of Napolean, Hitler and various Prussian kings pass under its arches, but today the Brandenburgh Gate stands as a symbol of a united Germany. Topped with a statue depicting the Goddess of Victory, the Brandenburg Gate is best viewed from the rooftop platform on top of the nearby Reichstag. 

Both the Brandenburg Gate and the imposing Reichstag building overlook the vast Tiergarten, at the heart of the city. The Tiergarten is one of the most popular things to see in Berlin, with its pretty floral gardens, statues and waterways. You could easily spend an entire day exploring this huge public park, filled with hidden treasures and idyllic corners. 

Finally, located beside the Brandenburg Gate is the moving Holocaust Memorial, composed of 2711 grey concrete blocks of varying shapes and sizes. These blocks are in memory of the murdered Jews of the Holocaust and this abstract installation invites visitors to spend some time contemplating the horrors of the Nazi’s reign of terror whilst navigating the maze-like memorial. An obligatory stop on a tour of Berlin. 


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