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What to see in Uganda Entebbe

What to see in Uganda


Tourist attractions Entebbe

This small city of Uganda is located next to Lake Victoria, one of the most important in Africa that borders its neighbor Tanzania and Kenya. It is close to the capital, Kampala, and is the starting point of many of the trips that are made through the country's national parks such as Lake Mburo, Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth or Kibale, among others.

With British colonization, Entebbe was turned into an important commercial and administrative nucleus. Its port, in fact, was the most important in the country and came to receive the goods that would later be sent to Kampala. At present, ships do not dock here anymore, although one of the piers is still used, which is used for the small shipping companies that cross the lake to reach the archipelago of Ssese, made up of 84 idyllic islands.