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What to see in Kenya Lake Naivasha

What to see in Kenya

Lake Naivasha

Tourist attractions Lake Naivasha

Named after the Maasai word for ‘rough waters’, due to the spontaneous storms which affect this region, Lake Naivasha is the highest lake in the Great Rift Valley and a haven for Kenya’s rich wildlife. Famed for its populations of flamingos and hippos, a trip to Lake Naivasha is often included on safari tours of Kenya. Furthermore, Lake Naivasha is a birders paradise, boasting more than 400 resident bird species.

freshwater lake, Naivasha’s surface area of 139 square kilometers means there’s much to explore, from the surrounding swamplands to the wildlife-rich Crescent Island, home to giraffes, zebras, impalas and waterbucks

Just a two-hour drive away from the capital, day trips to Lake Naivasha from Nairobi are a popular choice. From boat trips to hikes around the shoreline, wildlife lovers are sure to relish a visit to Lake Naivasha

Things to do at Lake Naivasha 

From wildlife-spotting to taking in the spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley, there are a number of things to do if you travel to Lake Naivasha in order to really get to know this rich and unique environment. Of course, the most popular thing to do is to take a boat trip on the lake itself. To truly experience the wildlife of Lake Naivasha, a boat tour across the water is the chance to spot hippos, flamingos, pelicans and many other species up close. Furthermore, floating across the lake allows you to discover the vast size of this important body of water is and to observe the wildlife along the shoreline without disturbing their daily activities.

Back on dry land, one of the best things to do at Lake Naivasha is to pay a visit to Crescent Island, named for its moon-like shape. This natural peninsula is located on the east side of the lake, close to the town of Naivasha. A private nature reserve, Crescent Island is home to a high concentration of wildlife including zebras, giraffes, impalas and, occasionally, elusive leopards! In fact, this picturesque peninsula was famously used as a filming location for the movie Out of Africa! Furthermore, Crescent Island is an ideal destination for exploring on foot, with plenty of chances to spot wildlife up close and enjoy guided nature walks. 


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