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What to see in Mozambique Bazaruto

What to see in Mozambique


Tourist attractions Bazaruto

A former Portuguese colony, Mozambique is one of those southern African destinations that is well worth visiting. Tourism is less massive here and nature is still free to provide you with unique experiences. It is hardly surprising that this is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes of the entire African coast. Out of all the possible places to discover in Mozambique, Bazaruto is one of the best destinations you can choose. 

Traveling to Bazaruto: better by air

Bazaruto is actually an archipelago made up of six islands. The one that gives it its name plus five others: Santa Carolina, Shell, Banque, Benguerra and Magaruque. If you have arrived in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo, the best way to travel to Bazaruto is by plane. Overland public transport can be uncomfortable in Mozambique. There are buses, if you really want to use them. 

Either way will take you to the town of Vilanculos, from where you will have to take a boat to the island of Bazaruto, where you will find most of the activities and some of the points of interest of this destination.

The marine life of Bazaruto, its greatest attraction

Bear in mind that Bazaruto has been designated a National Park. The reason for this is the biodiversity of its waters, which are rich in coral reefs and other underwater life. This is why it is an ideal destination for photographers, anglers and nature-lovers in general.

The activities you can do in this beautiful archipelago include:

Game fishing. Enthusiasts from all over the world come to Bazaruto to catch a highly coveted species: the marlin. 

Sightings of rare marine species, such as whale sharks. Although in this case only at the appropriate time of year. If this applies to you and you want adventure, you can go diving with them. 

Exploring Bazaruto Island: sand dunes set against a blue immensity

Even before diving in to discover the treasures hidden beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean, it's worth exploring the surface of the island properly. 

This island is covered by vegetation interspersed with large sand dunes, resulting in a patchwork landscape halfway between the desert and the jungle, but surrounded by sea. Climbing the dunes can take its toll on your legs, as the sand is not easy to walk on. However, the effort will be well worth it. From above, the sea reveals its dozens of shades of blue to the viewer's eyes. Don't even think about leaving your camera at the hotel.

A little warning: be prepared for anything. You may not find a single living thing, but you may also come across a flock of sheep grazing in the bushes.

The people and their traditions

On Bazaruto the fishermen still maintain their traditions and go out fishing every morning in large sailing boats that seem to be vestiges of the past. The daily catch of fish is how they live and they don't usually pay much attention to travellers. It's best not to bother them with photographs, since they are not really a tourist attraction, but the inhabitants of the island.

These fishermen provide the tourist businesses with fresh fish, so if you are visiting Bazaruto, try the grilled fish. Then, if possible, go diving yourself with a snorkel to watch the colourful fish. 

Bazaruto by land, sea and air

As we have said, the most beautiful thing about Bazaruto is its underwater fauna, and you can enjoy it both by snorkelling and by diving with oxygen tanks. The experiences you get from each are completely different. If you want to dive but you are inexperienced, you will have no difficulty in finding an instructor or a monitor to accompany you.

It's a good idea to walk around the island as well as, of course, swimming and sunbathing on its beaches. However, bear in mind that the sun is especially dangerous in this area. Be sure to protect your skin and wear a hat during the hottest part of the day.

The third possibility is to see the Bazaruto Archipelago from a bird's eye view. One of the most sought-after activities is the rental of small planes to fly over the islands. From the air you can take wonderful pictures that reveal the white sand embossed on the blue sea. Some of them look like real haute couture patterns. At the appropriate time of year, you can also see whale sharks from the heights.


Tourist attractions mozambique

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