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What to see in Greece Tinos

What to see in Greece


Tourist attractions Tinos

Only 20 minutes by boat from Mykonos, the nearest island, people often wonder what there is to see on Tinos, and whether the journey is worthwhile. After all, Mykonos is beautiful, so why move away from there? We offer you the answer in the form of a small tour of everything to see on Tinos, a compact but dazzling island that will always have a place in your heart.

The town of Tinos/Hora

Hora or Tinos is the largest town on the island and the place where the ferry arrives, whether from Athens or any of the other islands. To get to the centre from the port you just have to follow the promenade, a pleasure in itself. If you go on foot, stop to have a drink on the terrace of one of the many cafés that throng the route.

Besides being an important tourist attraction, Tinos is also a place of pilgrimage for members of the Greek Orthodox Church. If you visit the island during Easter Week or during the dates of the Assumption in mid-August, be prepared to find the place thronged with pilgrims. The Panagia Evengelistria church is the main place of pilgrimage in Greek Orthodoxy and the most iconic monument of the town and the island.

Tinos also has an interesting archaeological museum with an impressive collection of statues.


Only 6 kilometres away, Volax is undoubtedly an interesting place to see on Tinos. The village is surrounded by granite rocks of all sizes, which lend it a truly peculiar appearance. Although the presence of these rock formations is the result of a very unusual geological phenomenon, the truth is that they do NOT come from a meteor shower, as was believed for some time.

Volax is the perfect place to have a glass of Greek wine and watch the basket weavers at work.


A little further along, 24 kilometres from Tinos, Pyrgos has made a name for itself thanks to its marble. You'll find it everywhere: in its buildings, on the streets, in public fountains and even on door frames. In fact, Pyrgos is home to a prestigious school of sculpture.

Of course, you shouldn't leave a place like this without visiting the museum devoted to Yannoulis Chalepas, a neoclassical sculptor of great renown in Greece. The Museum of Marble Crafts is also well worth visiting.

Mount Exomvourgo

Mount Exomvourgo is actually a hill just over 600 metres high, but it gives you the best views of the island from its summit, as well as nearby Samos, Naxos and Mykonos. There is a path from Xinara that ascends to the summit. Along the way you will come across the remains of a Venetian-era fortress that was occupied by the Turks in 1715.

The Tarambados dovecotes

No, we have not forgotten to include the dovecotes in our guide of what to see on Tinos. We know they're one of the biggest attractions on the island, so here they are.

The hundreds of dovecotes that dot the island of Tinos are not simple wooden structures, but authentic works of art crafted by the locals. The facades are masterfully decorated and present a truly picturesque appearance.

You will find the most beautiful ones in a little village called Tarambados, only 7 kilometres from Tinos.

Why are there so many dovecotes to see on Tinos? During the period of Ottoman and Venetian occupation, the possession of a dovecote was a symbol of power, so all the inhabitants of the island wanted one of their own.


Kardiani is one of the most important places to see on Tinos. It is 17 kilometres from Tinos town and the views are worth the road trip alone.

Kardiani stands on a cliff and the visit involves going up and down a few flights of stairs, but the reward is an incomparable view of the Aegean Sea. Once at the top, there are two churches to visit. You can go down along a path that will take you to a beautiful beach.

Once in Kardiani, it takes very little effort to make a short 3-kilometre journey to Ysternia. This is a similar village that also offers spectacular views.

What to see on Tinos: the surrounding islands

Tinos is beautiful and, as you have seen, full of places to visit, but the surrounding islands are not to be overlooked. In fact, many of them will be familiar to you:

Visit Mykonos for exclusive shopping and to enjoy its party atmosphere. It's the nearest island to Tinos. Syros is the most populated island in the Cyclades. Its architecture and picturesque villages will delight you. Andros is the ideal destination if you love walking in unspoilt nature. Sun and beach lovers will find the destination of their dreams on the island of Naxos. Paros is the island that best combines villages and beaches. It is ideal for groups with varied tastes. Santorini is the most popular island in the archipelago. Its steep rocky face is the most photographed.


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