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Shopping in Greece

Shopping in


Shopping in Greece

If you are looking for souvenirs from Greece you should read this.

If you don’t know what to buy in Greece it's because you don’t know this beautiful European country.  The Hellenic Republic has a very rich history, hence there are typical Greek products that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Travelling to Greece is travelling to the ancient Greek civilisation, home to the greatest thinkers in History.  For this reason, amongst the things to buy in Greece, it is usual to find antiques, sculptures and tapestries with references to Greek mythology.

Before deciding on one of the Greek souvenirs, pay attention to the best things you can buy in the country.


Jewellery and metalwork

Greek artisans are masters of metalwork, they mostly use high quality gold and silver.  With these materials they make high quality jewellery, with multiple designs, from orthodox symbols, to antique replicas.

Don’t forget that jewellery in Greece is centuries old, its value is such that various European museums have entire collections dedicated to the art of Greek jewellery.  But without the need to go back to the past, in present day Greece, jewellers and artisans continue to produce unique pieces of great value.



Komboloi is a type of beaded bracelet of Arabic origin, in fact, in reality it is a rosary, which Arabs used as far back as the year 700 to pray.  It is shaped like the Tibetan malas, but with thirteen beads and a final one which is used for counting.

Nowadays, these rosaries don’t have a religious use, but they are used as a hobby, or a stress relieving object.  In any case, they are a classic amongst Greek people, so you will see them in different materials and colours.


Embroidered textiles

Visitors often choose tapestries as one of the typical Greek products to take home.  The finely embroidered fabrics recreate beautiful mythological scenes, which makes them a perfect souvenir of the country.

As well as being highly decorative, Greek tapestries are the result of very fine and laborious artisan work.  Without a doubt, it is something to buy in Greece that you won’t find anywhere else.


Leather crafts

Another of the typical products to buy in Greece is leather crafts: shoes, belts, bags, etc. The Greeks are expert artisans of this material.  The most typical are leather sandals, that are not just pretty, but very practical as a gift or for personal use.

As with jewellery, the Greeks were the first to design their own footwear with great aesthetic taste.  There are also samples of this in the different museums, if you are interested in the history of footwear.


Ancient pottery and Greek sculptures

Although you won't be buying pottery from the 4th century, you will be able to buy perfectly made replicas, which will be the perfect Greek souvenir.  The ability of the Greek culture to decorate pottery and ceramic objects forms part of the history of humanity, so you will be taking a piece of history home with you.

The same happens with ancient sculptures, even though the authentic ones are in the museums, you can buy exact copies.  For those who are looking for something to buy in Greece that makes them stand out, undoubtedly, a replica of a famous sculpture is the ideal souvenir.


Archaeological replicas

Bronze objects and replicas of archaeological pieces have become one of the most searched for souvenirs to buy in Greece.  From warrior's helmets, to copies of jewellery, if the work is high quality, you will be given a certificate of authenticity.

As well as being a good souvenir of your trip, this type of object is also perfect as a gift for friends and family.  They are not the typical low cost souvenirs, but authentic pieces of high aesthetic taste and hand crafted work.


Naif paintings

For lovers of this art movement, these brightly coloured souvenirs of Greece have become fashionable.  All types of scenes are recreated in the most varied pictures that attract the attention of travellers.  From the classic Greek tavern, to scenes of the ancient Greek civilisation, everything comes to life in these pictures.



Of everything there is to buy in Greece, if you like music, you have to take home some of the most traditional Greek authors. Greek music has become famous around the world through cinema and the great exponents of the genre.  What better typical Greek product than a compilation CD of Greek top hits.

And to complete the list of things to buy in Greece, don't forget food.  In this beautiful country, you have high-quality olive oil, wine and very good spirits, and spices to season your dishes.

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