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    What to see in South Africa Blyde River Canyon

    What to see in South Africa

    Blyde River Canyon

    Tourist attractions Blyde River Canyon

    Visiting Blyde River Canyon means you are going to see a legendary destination in South Africa. It's the third-largest canyon in the world and the second deepest in Africa. There is a drop of 800 meters between the upland areas, with their magical views of the Drakensberg mountain range, and the waters of what is known as the Happy River.


    Birdwatching and other activities

    One of the species most sought after by those who visit the Blyde River Canyon is the Taita falcon, a bird native to Africa and one of the rarest on the planet. To find them, head for the area around the Abel Erasmus Pass.

    The type of landscape in the area is perfect for all manner of outdoor sports such as hiking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling and boating


    The Three Rondavels lookout point

    Rondavel is the name given to the huts of the African natives, which have a well-known conical shape. This Three Rondavels lookout point, also known as the Three Widows, offers a magnificent panoramic view of the canyon and its strange rock formations. Maybe it is not so strange if we think how the river current has been steadily eroding them centuries, given that Africa is one of the oldest continents on the planet.

    You can observe the various shades of ochre and how the color of the rock faces changes at sunset

    If you prefer to visit the Blyde River Canyon and see it from the water, the river is navigable by catamaran and canoe. So bear this possibility in mind.


    Berlin Falls

    Again, the greatest charm of visiting the Blyde River Canyon is to enjoy the richness and variety of its landscapes. The Berlin Falls offer a beautiful transparent waterfall that makes the reddish rock face behind it glimmer and change color.


    Wonder View

    The Wonder View lookout offers a special view of the Blyde River Canyon, because a traveler standing here will not be able to see the river running far below their feet, but they can get a different view of the Three Rondavels. A stop here is a must.


    God's Window

    This third viewpoint owes its name to the fact that it is located in front of two rock faces that allow a glimpse of the landscape opening up beyond both, like a window. For those who decide to travel to the Blyde River Canyon in the wet season, the views will be spectacular, as the exuberant shades of green proliferate at this time.


    Bourke's Luck Potholes

    The fact is that calling these potholes "Luck Potholes" is indicative of a sinister sense of humor. Nowadays you can walk on very safe bridges that cross the river at a great height. When the place was discovered, it was easy to find gold prospectors. Some of the stories told about the place are hair-raising. But it is still worth witnessing the way the water acts on the rock.


    Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre

    About fifteen kilometers from the Blyde River Canyon is this animal rehabilitation center, whose job is to rescue injured wild animals. There are many reasons why an animal can end up here: poachers, car accidents and traps are some of them. There are guided tours to get to know about it in-depth and to interact with some of the animals undergoing recovery.


    Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trails

    As mentioned above, hiking is one of the simplest and most common activities for all those who decide to travel to the Blyde River Canyon and want to penetrate the innermost parts of Africa.

    The trails are easy and medium level and are waymarked. So you'll be able to complete them in utmost safety. Don't forget to go well equipped: water, sunscreen and a good hat are the three essentials.


    Kruger Park

    This nature reserve is one of the most iconic attractions around the Blyde River Canyon. In fact, many travelers choose this destination because of the park. It is a place of great beauty where you can take a comprehensive photographic safari. If this is what you're looking for when traveling to the Blyde River Canyon, keep these tips in mind:

    It's better to tour the park with a guide. They know the places where the animals usually gather and ensure you get the most out of your visit. In winter the landscape is arider, but it also offers you more opportunities to see animals, because they're obliged to gather by the water. There are hotels within the park. Follow all the instructions to ensure that your visit is safe as well as fascinating.


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