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What to see in Mozambique Machangulo

What to see in Mozambique


Tourist attractions Machangulo

Visiting Machangulo means choosing one of the most beautiful destinations in Mozambique. This peninsula, located in the southeast of the country, has beaches of fine white sand caressed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Its westernmost coast is part of Maputo Bay, bordering the Maputo Nature Reserve to the south, which used to be called the Maputo Elephant Reserve. To the north you can visit the island of Inhaca, another beautiful nature spot.

There is much to see in and around Machangulo, but its landscapes, flora and fauna are the real gems of this idyllic destination.


Travel to Machangulo to enjoy water sports


Machangulo is surrounded by a variety of ecosystems and small biospheres. The wildness of the place seems to be crying out to be explored by visitors, so don't hesitate to commandeer a small canoe or kayak. Explore the reefs, walk along the shore and lose yourself in the lush estuaries. Even if you don't dive, the sea around Machangulo will surprise you with the variety and colours of the species it shelters. It's even possible a pair of dolphins may approach you.

Snorkelling or surface diving

All you need is a pair of goggles and a breathing tube to get under the surface and even closer to the marine life. Travelling to Machangulo ensures you get to see some beautiful reefs, and maybe that's why snorkelling is one of the favourite activities in the area. The transparency of the waters makes them ideal for even complete beginners.

Scuba Diving

The marine reserves surrounding the Machangulo peninsula provide an excellent environment for diving. You don't need to be an expert. You'll find places to explore whether you're an absolute beginner or have dived before.

In Machangulo there's a diving centre where you can rent the necessary equipment, and you can also take some lessons before diving if you consider it necessary. 

The temperature of the water, between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius depending on the time of year, ensures a pleasant experience whether you decide to dive close to the shore or rent a boat. Both are real possibilities in a place like Machangulo, which specialises in sea-related tourism.


Visit Machangulo to appreciate its variety of wildlife


We have already mentioned that two of the great attractions of Machangulo are its flora and fauna. We have talked about the underwater fauna, but there is much to see in Machangulo besides the sea creatures. For example, the many and varied birds that throng the peninsula throughout the year.

From the great white pelicans to the majestic African osprey, the area offers ample opportunities for excellent birdwatching. You can explore the bird life on foot, by boat, in a kayak or even while resting.

Bird Life International has classified this part of the world as an important area for birds. If you are a keen birdwatcher or if you want to complete a photo safari with photographs of large birds, Machangulo is an ideal place to add to your list. 


Although birdwatching and diving are the most popular activities for travellers to the Machangulo peninsula, fishing is also permitted. In fact, there are several points on the peninsula that are classed as high-quality spots by professional fishermen. If you have never fished before, you can hire an instructor who will teach you the technique of your choice.


Santa Maria and Inhaca Island

Although Machangulo is a perfect place to relax and unwind, it also offers half-day and all-day excursions to the surrounding area.

The village of Santa Maria is perfect for observing the traditional way of life of the inhabitants of this part of Mozambique. You should also take advantage of the trip to sample the typical food.

For its part, Inhaca Island has some charming towns where you can go for a drink or buy traditional handicrafts from Mozambique. But beware: Machangulo's population is very small, while Inhaca Island has a larger number of inhabitants. If you have become used to solitude and calm, you might be a little surprised to see the hustle and bustle.



Travelling to Machangulo without a camera would be a real shame. Not only because of the fauna and the unique landscapes, but also because of the light. The sunrises and sunsets on the peninsula are unique. The reflections of the sun bring out unexpected hues from the sand, while the sky is tinged with colours you won't see elsewhere. 


Relaxation on the beach

Of course, on a peninsula there is no shortage of sea. The sand of Machangulo's beaches is white and fine and its waters are blue and warm. Without a doubt, this is an exceptional place to unwind.


Tourist attractions mozambique

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