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What to see in Portugal Douro River

What to see in Portugal

Douro River

Attractions touristiques dans Douro River

Douro River is a majestic waterway that winds its way through the heart of Portugal and Spain. Known as the "River of Gold," the Douro is a testament to the beauty of nature and human ingenuity. It stretches for over 500 miles, flowing through terraced vineyards, charming villages, and historic cities. The Douro River offers a serene and culturally rich destination that combines relaxation and exploration.Cruising along the Douro River is an experience like no other. A river cruise allows you to soak in the breathtaking landscapes of terraced vineyards that produce some of the world's finest wines, particularly the famous Port wine. Visit local wineries and sample the region's exquisite vintages, learning about centuries-old winemaking traditions.

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