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    What to see in Mauritius Grand Bassin Crater

    What to see in Mauritius

    Grand Bassin Crater

    Tourist attractions Grand Bassin Crater

    Also known as Ganga Talao, this lake is one of the most sacred places in Mauritius for the Hindus. It is located in the heart of the island, in a mountainous area of ​​Savanne where there was once a volcanic crater that, over the years, has been covered by water. It is one of the most common visits on a trip to Mauritius. On one of its shores is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, who is represented in one of the statues at the entrance, and is the largest on the island. The other temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga Maa Bhavani. According to the legends that surround the place, this lake is sacred because it is believed to be connected to the Ganges River. For this reason, during the festival of Maha Shivaratri, also called the night of Shiva, many pilgrims arrive at the lake from different parts of the island.

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