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What to see in Honduras


Located next to the border with Guatemala, Copán is known to be an important archaeological center of the ancient Mayan civilization. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1982, the site is considered by archaeologists to be the Mayan Athens since it is one of the most important enclaves of the culture in the country.

During the classical period, Copán was a ceremonial center and an astronomical observatory. From this era of splendor the Acropolis is conserved, where the rulers resided as well as the altar, the most important monument of the enclosure.

One of the monuments of Copan houses the longest Mayan inscription in Mesoamerica. Other places that should be visited are the Great Plaza, where rituals of life and death were held; and the Plaza Mayor, used for the observation of the stars.

The Copán Archaeological Park also has several museums where you can learn about the culture of this ancient civilization, as well as the Archeology Museum, where the relics found during the excavations can be found.