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What to see in Costa Rica Arenal

What to see in Costa Rica


Tourist attractions Arenal

Standing guard over Costa Rica’s fertile northern lowlands, the Arenal Volcano is an icon of Costa Rica. Only considered dormant since 2010, at 1633 metres high, the perfectly conical shape of the Arenal Volcano provides a picturesque backdrop to rainforest adventures in the Arenal Volcano National Park. A few rumbles and puffs of smoke escape the peak of the volcano intermittently, and old, solidified lava flows and volcano rocks are weaved throughout the lush forests, inhabited by many exotic bird and animal species, who fourish in this unique eco-system.

If you visit the Arenal Volcano today, you’ll find that it no longer spurts bubbling lava nor is it illuminated with an orange glow come nightfall, but the intense underground thermal activity has given rise to countless hot springs and thermal pools, the perfect places to soothe your muscles after hiking through the exquisite wilderness of the national park. Tranquil Lake Arenal lies at the foot of the volcano, the largest in the country and responsible for providing a large percentage of Costa Rica’s electricity in the form of hydro-power, helping to foster the eco-friendly imagine that tempts many to travel to Costa Rica. 


What to do at the Arenal Volcano

If you travel to the Arenal Volcano you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views, a stunning natural environment and plenty of activities to suit all tastes. Getting in touch with the abundant nature of this region is a highlight of any tour of Costa Rica. The best way to explore the Arenal National Park is on foot, following one of the many hiking trails that weave around the volcano, leading visitors through lush, wildlife-rich rainforests and across intricate lava flows. If you’d rather save your legs, horse-back rides are an equally popular way to discover the surroundings. The perfect way to cool off after a hiking trip in the Arenal National Park is to pay a visit to the glistening pool at the foot of the breathtaking La Fortuna Waterfall. Shrouded in lush tropical foliage, it’s a true oasis amidst the humid jungle.

One of the most rewarding things to do around Arenal is to take a nature walk to discover the local wildlife. Wild deer, howler and white-faced monkeys, snakes and tropical birds are just some of the exotic wildlife you’re likely to see if you visit Arenal, whilst nocturnal nature walks reveal an even more magical environment! If you’re lusting after the picture-perfect view of Arenal Volcano, then a cruise on Lake Arenal will offer you unrestricted views of the perfectly conical icon. Always alive with paddle-boarders, kayakers and fishermen attempting to catch rainbow bass, taking a boat ride on Lake Arenal is truly a highlight of a trip to the Arenal Volcano.


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