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Shopping in Honduras

Shopping in


Shopping in Honduras

If you are looking for souvenirs from Honduras you should read this.

There is no shortage of things to buy in Honduras, this multi-ethnic Central American country offers you a wide range of souvenirs to fill your suitcase with.  Not without reason, Honduras has more than 1,496 popular manifestations throughout the country.   

The cultural and ethnic mix of Honduras is expressed through its crafts and popular art.  For this reason, the typical products of the country have a very significant ancient reminiscence.  But let's look at the most representative souvenirs of Honduras that you can buy during your trip to the country.



One of the typical products to buy in Honduras is its traditional pottery.  This handicraft work distinguishes itself from other Central American countries by its black and white colour.  Through a technique learnt hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago, the Honduran potters sculpt geometric motifs using a special burning technique.

The ideal thing if you want to take an authentic piece of Honduran pottery home with you is to visit the villages and communities of potters.  One of the best places to do this is Lenca, where the indigenous women make true works of art.  Other villages where you can buy quality pieces are Ojojona, La Campa, el Valle de Ángeles and Cedros.



What better object to buy in Honduras than a glyph representing the Maya culture.  The engravings and ceramic figures representative of this thousand year old culture are highly valued by visitors.

In Copán, you will find the perfect souvenirs of Honduras to buy as a gift or take home with you.  The carved replicas of steles and Mayan figures are handmade one by one, so they really are true works of art.

Other places to buy quality handicrafts are El Progreso, where there is an important school of artisan crafts, Santa Bárbara, where you can buy fabric and wickerwork; and el Valle de los Ángeles, where the leather goods are incredible.


Wood carving

Wood is another of the elements that Honduran artisans use to make typical products of the local culture.  From carved sculptures, to musical instruments, and even mahogany furniture, wood is worked with great skill.  Mahogany is one of the most widely used types of wood in Honduras, indeed, given it is in danger of extinction, pay attention to its authenticity.


Leather items

Of everything there is to buy in Honduras, leather items are surely an indisputable temptation.  Sandals, bags, purses, wallets and all types of accessories, they are beautifully worked by the leather artisans.  Whether it is as a gift for a friend, or to keep yourself as a souvenir of the country, leather items are always a safe bet.


Wickerwork and textile fibres

As well as wood, another of the typical products of Honduras are the plant fibre objects.  Bamboo, reed, coconut, cane or pumpkin are just some of the elements used to make hats, necklaces, baskets and even furniture. You will find a wide variety of souvenirs in most of the markets, including rugs, wallets, coasters, and an infinity of other items.


Jade Jewellery

The Maya culture left Honduras with their love for Jade, a gem that this culture valued more than gold.  You will be able to find souvenirs in Honduras made of Jade: necklaces, bracelets, rings and reproductions of art with stone inlays.  If you want to take home an elegant and sophisticated souvenir of this country, this is the perfect choice.


Costume jewellery

As well as Jade, silver and bronze are other widely used elements in jewellery and costume jewellery.  The engraved pieces or with precious stone and pearl inlays are highly valuable, both for their craftsmanship and their quality.  You can find unique pieces on market stalls.  The artisans sell their creations directly, so you won’t just find great bargains, you will also find out something about how they are made. 


Coffee and tobacco

If you are looking for something different and unique to buy in Honduras, a sample of coffee is the ideal gift.  Although coffee from Honduras is probably not as well known, the country has a significant coffee plantation.  Its climate and soil quality produce top quality Arabica coffee beans.  In addition, they use traditional methods for its processing, so the coffee bean is even better quality and purer.

If you didn’t already know, Honduras exports more than one hundred million cigars each year and has more than 250 brands.  The tobacco industry in the country seeks to become one of the biggest in the world.  Its origin coming from Maya Culture, has boosted the growing and harvesting of tobacco for centuries. 

The list of things to buy in Honduras is long, so remember to leave space in your rucksack.  Taking a typical souvenir of the country home with you is a custom you shouldn’t miss out on.

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