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Americas Vacation Packages & Tours

Vacations to Americas

America is, above all, about the landscape. Spectacular landscapes which coexist with metropolises that define the word city. In such a big continent, there is space for everything. A trip to America can cover anything from the ice caps of Alaska to the Perito Moreno glacier, or the remote Tierra del Fuego province in Argentina. There is also plenty of room for the vast sandstone butts of Monument Valley, the Atacama desert, or the immense Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia.

Tours in America cover forests, like the Yellowstone National Park, the Rocky Mountains in the USA, or Los Alerces National Park which spans from Argentina to Chile. There are colossal waterfalls, such as the Niagara and Iguazu falls. And when your eyes have been satisfied with landscapes, you have yet to begin with the thousand-year-old constructions of the Incas and the Mayans in Peru, in Mexico, and in Guatemala. The sky is simply bigger in America.

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Explore the countries in Americas

Extraordinary Tours & Vacation Packages to the Americas

Our diverse vacation packages to the Americas provide inspiring and enchanting exploration opportunities. The continents of North and South America boast a rich tapestry of cultures and an array of iconic sights.

At Exoticca, we aim to make traveling around the world accessible and affordable. Most of our all-inclusive packages include flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, and some meals. Trust us to organize your bucket-list adventure so you can get busy making memories.

Americas trips from the US


Vacation packages to the Americas include North and South America and everything in between. Virtually all the land in the western hemisphere falls under the Americas. The name “America” comes from Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci.

The Americas, sometimes collectively called America, are famous for their epic geography. There are powerful rivers and winding mountain ranges. Highlights include massive lakes, extensive rainforests, and the highest waterfall in the world

The splendid ruins of ancient civilizations draw plenty of tourists. They pore over Inca, Maya, and Aztec fortresses, temples, palaces, and pyramids.

Book our vacation packages to the Americas from the US and enjoy all-inclusive flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and some meals.

Top tours & vacation packages in the Americas

Booking a vacation package to the Americas provides you with a spectrum of options. Discover the most popular places to visit below

South America

South American vacation packages encompass trips to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia

Escape your comfort zone with an Amazon adventure. Discover the incomparable Galapagos Islands, or explore fascinating Patagonia in the south. 

Visit the Sacred Land of the Incas for another top-rated option. Peru features some of the most extraordinary sights and ancient ruins.

Central America

Central America tour packages allow you to experience picture-perfect beaches, tropical jungles, exotic wildlife, and diverse cultures

A vacation package to the Americas includes countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. Trips to Honduras and Belize are in the pipeline, too.

Discover pura vida and paradise in Tamarindo. Combine the rainforest with a beach escape. Check out cloud forests and lava trails at Arenal Volcano. Hike through the dense jungles or work on your tan on gorgeous sandy beaches.

For something different, plunge into the culture and natural beauty of Guatemala. Take in preserved architecture in the central highlands. View stunning Lake Atitlan, flanked by a trio of volcanoes.

Change the pace with a Panama City and Playa Blanca tour. Marvel at the epic engineering of the Panama Canal. Recharge with dreamy island getaways and jungle excursions

North America

North America vacation packages offer exciting explorations of bustling cities and ancient civilizations.

Fly south for the warmer climate in the palm-fringed tropics of the Caribbean. Take in the colonial charms of Mexico’s central highlands or focus on its cities and ancient civilizations. Discover famed archaeological sites and explore one of the world’s greatest metropolises.

Explore your homeland with a Florida fun, sun, and self-drive tour. History buffs find the northeast’s flagship cities attractive. Alternatively, head to Canada for the “Great White North.”


Caribbean vacation packages allow you to experience marine adventures, calm turquoise waters and friendly locals. Join one of the vibrant carnivals for a street party you’ll never forget.

Each island has its singular style and charm. A Caribbean vacation package to the Americas creates lifelong memories with a smorgasbord of adventures and experiences.

Pamper yourself with a trip to Punta Cana. The sun-bleached Dominican shores provide an elegant backdrop to your vacation. Relax and unwind with welcoming weather in this idyllic resort town. Visit Santo Domingo, tour through the highlands, and spend time on tropical shores.

Book your vacation package to the Americas with Exoticca


Exoticca takes the stress out of organizing tours to fantastic destinations. We arrange everything so you can focus on enjoyment. Escape your comfort zone and embark on thrilling journeys of exploration.

All included: Flights, hotels, tours & transfers

Our vacation packages to the Americas mostly include flights, accommodations, tours, transfers. Some even contain meals. Check your preferred option before you book, as our all-inclusive combinations may vary.

We negotiate directly with hotel groups and airlines to secure the best deals. It’s our mission to make epic journeys to fantastic destinations accessible.

Americas trips partially or fully guided

Our vacation packages to the Americas include partially or fully guided tours for groups and private passengers. Choose between fully guided, escorted, semi-escorted, or independent alternatives.

Crafted by our own travel experts

Exoticca’s travel specialists use decades of travel experience to craft extraordinary tours and vacation packages. Our team has organized more than 300 trips across 60 destinations. 

We combine the must-see attractions with local favorites and hidden gems. We aim to provide an authentic experience that widens your horizons and transports you beyond your comfort zone.

By collaborating with local businesses and experienced guides, we’re able to bring each tour to life. Our partners ensure your safety, security, and satisfaction at all times.

All-inclusive Americas vacation packages from the US

Book our vacation packages to the Americas from the US. Flights are available from various airports, including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Exoticca best-selling Americas trips


The Americas constitute a significant part of the globe. Your options are virtually unlimited. We unveil our most popular Americas vacation packages below.

Peru vacation packages

Peru vacation packages feature a range of must-see attractions. The lost city of Machu Picchu draws tourists from around the globe. 

There’s an extensive coastline and the sprawling arid plains of Nazca. Don’t miss the high Andes, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley, and the Amazon basin. 

The cultures are diverse, and attractions and activities are thrilling and educational. Any serious world traveler has Peru firmly in their sights.

Ecuador vacation packages

Ecuador vacation packages transport you to the avenue of the volcanoes and Cotopaxi National Park. Stand with one foot in each hemisphere at the Middle of the World monument. Immerse yourself in Latin music, cuisine, and architecture. 

Discover colonial architecture in cities like Quito. Visit small Andean settlements in the mountains and remote tribes in the Amazon. 

Darwin’s Galapagos Islands are arguably the leading wildlife destination. This biodiverse archipelago offers unique endemic species and an untouched paradise. 

Argentina vacation packages

Argentina vacation packages boast epic sights and fun activities. The winelands in Mendoza, with the peak of Aconcagua (the highest in the Americas), make for a spectacular backdrop. The coastline offers whale, orca, penguin, and dolphin sightings.

The capital Buenos Aires is big, buzzing, and cosmopolitan. It’s sophisticated and sultry, offering museums and galleries. There’s superb cuisine and a vibing nightlife

Hike the awe-inspiring Los Glaciares National Park or catch the rodeo at El Calafate. Be mesmerized by the calving Perito Moreno glacier.

USA vacation packages

USA vacation packages take you to the Land of the Brave. This country offers a broad spectrum of sights, activities, and experiences. You could travel the 52 states for years and still not see everything.

There’s the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and Yellowstone. Mammoth Lakes, Key West, and Hawaii are also fabulous destinations. The list of modern, bustling cities is endless, with iconic spots like the Big Apple, the City of Angels, San Fran, and the Windy City. 

America boasts a rich, inspirational history that made it the superpower it is today. You can discover fascinating stories in every town you visit.

Dominican Republic vacation packages

Dominican Republic vacation packages are popular among those seeking a Caribbean getaway. It’s a short trip for most US travelers to the Dominican Republic.

This region boasts crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, luscious landscapes, and a relaxing atmosphere. The capital, Santo Domingo, is a must visit. 

We also offer tours to Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama. Check our website for complete itineraries and special offers for vacation packages in the Americas. At Exoticca, we make memorable trips to extraordinary destinations widely available.

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