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Turda Salt Mine

Tourist attractions Turda Salt Mine

This salt mine, located in the Transylvanian city of Turda, holds a fascinating secret. You won’t find any miners or mining machinery here. Instead, this unique mine is home to an underground amusement park! Themed to resemble something from a sci-fi movie, the Turda Salt Mine is one of the most spectacular hidden treasures in Romania. Descend 120-metres below ground level in an elevator to discover an otherworldly attraction, housed within one of the oldest salt mines in the world. 

Salt has been mined here since ancient times, and although the salt mine ceased operations in 1932, it was used for an array of purposes throughout the 20th-century, including as a bomb shelter, warehouse and halotherapy spa.

In 2010, the Turda Salt Mine reopened to the public in its current form: one of the most unique amusement parks on earth! Attractions here include an underground lake, a Ferris wheel, an amphitheatre, bowling alleys, a mini-gold course and spa treatment rooms. There are also a number of historic sights, such as archaic salt-mining machinery, to discover if you visit the Turda Salt Mine

The walls of the mine are pattened with salt deposits, making the surroundings a spectacular display of the unexpected beauty of the underground world. Today, the mine still holds more than 38 million tonnes of salt, more than enough to meet the salt needs of the entire world for at least the next 60 years!

Things to do at the Turda Salt Mine

With a focus on health and wellbeing, the Turda Salt Mine is home to a number of unique attractions, suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Locals believe that the mineral-rich underground environment is good for general health and the salt mine has a number of activities to encourage both exercise and relaxation.

One of the best things to do at Turda Salt Mine is to take a boat trip on the underground lake. Paddleboats allow visitors to enjoy a peaceful ride around this ancient mine and enjoy the sights from a different perspective.

Of course, if you travel to Turda Salt Mine, be sure to ride its panoramic Ferris wheel. At 20-metres high, it is the only underground Ferris wheel in the world. Take a ride to soak up the rich, salt-laden landscapes of this otherworldly environment. 

The mine is also home to a sports field, adapted for handball, football, tennis and badminton, as well as a mini-golf course, pool tables and even a two-lane bowling alley

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