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What to see in Romania Curtea de Arges

What to see in Romania

Curtea de Arges

Tourist attractions Curtea de Arges

Once the capital of Wallachia in the 14th-century, Curtea de Arges is located on the left bank of the Arges River, nestled in the leafy foothills of the lower Carpathians.

Curtea de Arges is one of the best places in the country to experience Romania’s most treasured medieval arts and architecture. Like a living museum, travel to Curtea de Arges to immerse yourself in spectacular mountain scenery and the vivid, fascinating history of southern Romania

As an important centre of politics during the medieval period, Curtea de Arges is home to a rich array of important historical buildings and remains one of the most charming destinations to visit on a tour of Romania. A gateway to the breathtaking Făgăraş Mountains and providing plenty of insights into the history of Wallachia and Romania, a trip to Curtea de Arges is a delight for both culture and nature lovers.

Things to see in Curtea de Arges

The best thing to see in Curtea de Arges is its famous Curtea de Arges Monastery, one of the most unique and spectacular architectural treasures in the whole of Romania. Located within the monastery complex is a Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, constructed in the 1500s in a Byzantine style, with intricate carvings embellished into the pale grey limestone exterior. Aside from the incredible domes and intricate decoration, the cathedral is famed as the final resting place of the Romanian royal family. Furthermore, the monastery is at the centre of one of Romania’s most famous legends, known as the ‘Legend of the Biggest Sacrifice'. Inside, the gilded walls and Arabesque decorations enchant all who visit. 

If you travel to Curtea de Arges, another of the most popular things to do is to visit the Princely Church of St. Nicholas. Founded in 1325, it’s considered one of the country’s oldest unrestored monuments. Standing in all its former glory, this impressive historical treasure is a beautiful example of medieval Romanian architecture, complete with brilliant frescoes that are so characteristic of religious architecture in this region.

Other important sights to see in Curtea de Arges include the insightful Municipal Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, the 19th-century Episcopal Palace and the nearby ruins of Poienari Citadel, once the home of the infamous Vlad the Impaler, thought to have been the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula.


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