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What to see in Russia Moscow Metro Stations

What to see in Russia

Moscow Metro Stations

Tourist attractions Moscow Metro Stations

A little known treasure of the Russian capital, Moscow’s Metro Stations surprise and delight all who descend below street level. Hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of the city is a world of magnificent architecture in the form of Moscow’s subterranean transport system. The metro stations of Moscow are among the most beautiful in the world. 

The metro system began operation in 1935, with just one line and 13 stations, but has grown to cover more than 412 kilometres and includes 241 stations, excluding the circular central line. It is not the oldest nor the largest metro system in the world, but it is the most famous, and a stand-out tourist attraction in its own right.

Whilst approximately 7 million passengers use the metro system every day if you visit Moscow’s Metro Stations you’ll surely find it impossible to ignore the beauty of these underground palaces. In fact, the most beautiful stations are those constructed during the Stalin era, when the Soviet leader has a vision of creating ‘People’s Palaces’ underneath the city in honour of the workers who used the metro system to travel to their places of work.

Each of these incredible stations is unique, but share the distinct architectural characteristics of ‘Socialist Classicism’. Marble, mosaics, stained glass and chandeliers are widely used to create a secret subterranean world of architectural wonders! The best way to discover these unique underground attractions is by taking a Moscow Metro Stations Tour. 

Best Moscow Metro Stations to visit

Of all the incredible Moscow Metro Stations to visit, the most famous is Komsomolskaya, a station on the Red Line. One of the most grandiose in design, Komsomolskaya resembles a royal palace rather than a metro station! With its vibrant yellow ceiling, gilded decorations, marble columns and Baroque-style architecture be sure to linger a while to admire the elegant chandeliers and ceiling mosaics before catching your train.

A unique, yet impressive metro station is Mayakovskaya, an impeccable example of Stalinist architecture. This elegant and surprisingly minimal station also has elements of Futurist design, a movement that was very popular at the time of its construction. Situated on the Green Line, it’s well-known for its 34 ceiling mosaics which depict ‘24 hours in the land of the Soviets’. Furthermore, Mayakovskaya was famously used as an air-raid shelter during World War II and Stalin himself even sought refuge here during a bombardment. 

Finally, the third most important Moscow Metro Station to see if you travel to Russia is Prospect Mira, arguably the most photogenic of all the stations. This incredible underground palace is situated on the Circle Line and its design was inspired by the Botanical Gardens of Moscow University. It’s home to fantastic floral motifs, gilded bas-reliefs and crystal chandeliers. 

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