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Gastronomy in


Gastronomy in Maldives

Strongly influenced by nearby countries such as India or Sri Lanka, the cuisine of the Maldives relies on fresh produce due to the country's tropical nature. The main dishes are made with fish such as tuna, swordfish or grouper and seafood such as crabs, lobster or octopus. Usually accompanied with rice, onion, lime, chili and coconut, a key ingredient in the country that gives a milky touch to dishes, particularly curries. The most typical flavor is spicy curry and other spices.



A triangular snack that is fried or baked, with a dough made of potato, peas, coriander and lentils, that are filled with dried fish, curry leaves, curry powder, and onion. Chicken fillings have a red mark on the batter. It could be said that it is the local version of the Indian samosa. It is very common at parties and weddings.




The country’s most basic and popular dishes. They vary depending on the region and also are stylized by each chef. Curry is a basic condiment in Maldivian cuisine.

The most common are egg or fish curry (Mas Riha), an everyday stew with a thick sauce full of flavor.



It is a fish broth or clear soup cooked with a base of skipjack or yellowfin tuna. Sometimes onions, curry leaves, chilies, and limes are added to give it more flavor. Served hot with steamed rice and lemon.



Appetizer. A type of round croquette, dough made of wheat or rice flour filled with smoked tuna, canned or Maldive fish, coconut, curry leaves, onion, ginger, lemon, and turmeric. Coated and fried.


Kuli Boakiba

Spiced fish cake or tart made with tuna and coconut with a touch of heat. Eaten as a snack or nibble.


Mas Huni

Typical Maldivian breakfast. A mix of grated coconut, tuna, onion and chili covered in lime juice and wrapped in a roshi, a typical Maldivian flatbread without yeast and a common accompaniment to most dishes.



. RAA: A juice that comes from the trunk of palm trees. National Beverage. Lightly fermented punch.

KAASHI KIRU: Coconut milk.



Maldivian Desserts

HUNI HAKURU FOLHI: Cake made from sugar, flour, and coconut.

BODIBAIY: Sweet rice with sugar.

FONI BOAKIBA: Pudding made of coconut and sweet rice, baked like a cake, sometimes with almonds. Usually accompanied by black tea.