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What to see in Australia Adelaide

What to see in Australia


Tourist attractions Adelaide

The capital of South AustraliaAdelaide has long abandoned its reputation as the ‘sleepy city of spires’. Instead, a thriving cultural calendar and diverse population mean a trip to Adelaide is sure to be a rewarding experience. 

In its early days, Adelaide was shaped by the wealth and multicultural roots of its free settlers, gifting the modern city a unique, cosmopolitan atmosphere. With its mix of old colonial and Victorian buildings, Adelaide stands out from other Australian cities. Known as a beacon of religious freedom and progressive politics, Adelaide gets its nickname of ‘City of Churches’ due to the diversity of its faiths.

Home to stylish architecture, eclectic shopping streets and plenty of upmarket dining and nightlife spots, a vacation to Adelaide is the chance to experience the most sophisticated side of Australia. It’s well-known that Aussies love their coffee, and this city is no exception, with heaps of cafes where you can mingle with chatty locals and fill up on caffeine and endless servings of avocado on toast!

Furthermore, if you’re a wine lover, Adelaide is well situated to explore the nearby wine regions of Barossa Valley and Mc Laren Vale. With a major university and sat on the River TorrensAdelaide is a charming city, with a multitude of museums and galleries. Plus, sunny days can be spent lounging on the nearby beaches of Glenelg, just a tram ride away from the city centre. 

Often overlooked due to its isolation in the heart of South Australia, today, Adelaide is the go-to destination for nightlife, festivals and sporting events.

Things to see in Adelaide

Think of yourself as a foodie? Then you’ll love Adelaide Central Market, one of the best things to see in Adelaide. In fact, this covered fresh produce market is the largest in the southern hemisphere. With over 70 traders and buzzing with life and colour, as well as a cacophony of exotic fruit, vegetables and fresh produce, you’ll also find some of the city’s most popular cafes and eateries within this huge marketplace. The market clearly represents the diversity of the city, with all sorts of foods from around the globe on offer here. It’s the perfect place to experience local life and stock up on delicious delicacies.

To discover the artistic heritage of the region, the Art Gallery of South Australia is one of the best places to go in Adelaide. Established in 1881, this huge gallery holds almost 45,000 works of art, the second largest collection in Australia. As well as a permanent collection of global masterpieces, it is also home to exhibitions of Aboriginal art, providing an important platform for indigenous Australian artists.

Sporting enthusiasts cannot travel to Adelaide without visiting the Adelaide Oval, one of the most famous and spectacular sporting grounds on earth. Known as the stage for countless test cricket tournaments, it also hosts Australian rules football, rugby and tennis events. Furthermore, world-famous musicians hold concerts here regularly. On non-game days you can even take a tour of the Oval and walk in the footsteps of countless sporting heroes.

To learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of South Australia, be sure to visit the South Australia Museum on a tour of Adelaide. This natural history museum with founded in 1856 and is home to the largest collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural materials. 

Finally, the best day trip from Adelaide is to visit the beautiful Kangaroo Island, southwest of the city. This protected nature reserve is known for its abundant wildlife and rugged landscapes. Keep your eyes peeled to see native wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, sea lions and seals.