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Let us take you on the path of an ancient civilization to Peru. Savor Lima’s flavors, journey through the Sacred Valley, discover Machu Picchu- the ancient World Wonder. It’s all there, you won’t miss a thing!

Plus, if you book by April 30th we’ll give you back 10% of the value of the trip in credit (up to a maximum of $500) to travel again!

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Map of Mesmerizing Peruvian Dream 360
Mesmerizing Peruvian Dream 360

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    Colca Canyon
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    Lake Titicaca
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Valentine, Travel Expert

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Unearth the sacred lands of Peru in this action-packed tour of the Andean country’s most emblematic sights. Explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, the gastronomy of Lima and unbelievable landscapes of Arequipa, Colca & Puno.