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Western Europe

Western Europe Vacation Packages & Tours

Vacations to Western Europe

A smorgasbord of cultures, landscapes and histories, Western Europe stands with on foot in the future and one firmly planted in the traditions of the past. Since the 15th-century, this area of the globe has been dubbed ‘The West’ and became a beacon of enlightenment, industry, exploration and culture.

A trip to Western Europe can take you from the rolling green pastures of Ireland to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the sunkissed Mediterranean beaches of Spain or Italy. The exact countries and territories within this region depend on the definition, but it can roughly be defined as those European countries west of and including Germany, stretching all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. 

There is much diversity to discover if you travel to Europe, thanks to the array of distinct cultures defined by their customs and languages. From sipping an espresso in a Roman cafe to clinking tankards of beer in a German Biergarten, you can never get bored of visiting Western Europe. 

Anyone with an interest in the arts will relish a tour of Western Europe’s museums, galleries and archaeological sites. History is literally beneath your feet here, whether your walking in the footsteps of Shakespeare in western England, treading the corridors of the Palace of Versaille in France or contemplating the fairytale architecture of Bruges in Belgium.  

Western Europe is also a place of immense innovation, centred around the regions dynamic capital cities. Whether it’s the fast-paced atmosphere of London, the creative culture of Berlin or the romance of Paris that appeals to you, the cities of Western Europe are eternally appealing. Whilst Rome boasts some of the most important artworks and architecture in the western world, Lisbon offers a haven for foodies and architecture lovers alike. 

Travel to Western Europe is a journey through some of the most influential regions on the planet and a one-stop destination for anyone looking to uncover the histories, cultures and arts that have defined the western world. 


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Extraordinary Vacation Packages & Tours to Western Europe

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Our Western Europe trips are a top choice for various travelers. Enjoy an unforgettable experience exploring the cobbled streets and beach-side cities. Learn more about each country’s ancient history and cultures.

Exoticca takes you on the journey of a lifetime while ensuring your safety and enjoyment. Our trips include most flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and some meals.

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