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Food in Bolivia

Food in


Food In Bolivia

You probably don't know what to eat in Bolivia, since perhaps this South American country is the least well-known. However, Bolivian cuisine is very varied, and not only that, the quality of meat and potatoes is much higher than in many other countries.

To get started on the food of Bolivia, the first thing you have to know is that in this country more than two hundred varieties of potatoes are grown. The richness of the typical dishes of Bolivia is so extensive that we could not cover all its dishes. Take note of some of the most typical and tasty you'll find during your tour in Bolivia.



The anticucho is one of the typical dishes to eat in Bolivia, no matter what, this dish is a kind of meat brochette with potatoes. It is cooked on the grill and served with a spicy peanut sauce. It is a very tasty and cheap dish, which is customary to eat with your hands.


Noodle chili

This traditional Bolivian dish consists of veal tongue with a spicy touch. It is served with dehydrated potato or chuño, with coriander, onion and tomato sauce.



If you like Milanese, you're in luck because this dish is made with meat pastry, served with fried eggs, potatoes, white rice and carrot, and beetroot salad. One of the best dishes to eat in Bolivia to regain strength.


Yuca sonso

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest, but most peculiar, dishes of Bolivia. To make the yucca sonso, a cassava puree is mixed with cheese. The particularity of this dish is that it is prepared on a grill, which gives it an exquisite smoky flavour.



Tamales are also typical of Bolivian food, in this case, Bolivian humintas are sweet. They are usually served for breakfast or a snack, and are made by mixing grated sweetcorn with cinnamon, sugar, raisins and sometimes cheese. All this stuffing is wrapped in corn leaves (tamales) to be steamed, or grilled.



The pig is in the form called grilled pork, but this time it is a whole pig which is cooked over a very slow fire. Over the fire, the whole pig is placed to be cooked for eight or twelve hours, normally throughout the night. It is one of the typical dishes to eat in Bolivia on holidays and special celebrations.


Chola sandwich

In La Paz, you'll find this traditional pork sandwich. Inside a round bread, a good piece of crunchy pork leg is placed, which is accompanied by chili, onion and tomato slices. A snack which you should try during your trip to Bolivia.



Cuñapé is a bread made of cheese which is made in Santa Cruz, its peculiarity is that it is made with cassava flour and baked cheese. It's delicious, so if you try it, you'll want to have it more than once.



This Bolivian dish is typical of the valleys region and to add to it frayed beef is used, which is cooked with: tender beans, potatoes, onion and hard egg. It is served with an onion, tomato and chili sauce, which makes it very tasty.


Jak'a lawa

To make this dish, ground corn (corn typical of the country) is used, which is cooked with potatoes and pork skin. The result is a thick and consistent broth with a lot of flavor.


Pique Macho

For lovers of meat, the male pique is one of the dishes to eat in Bolivia, since it consists of minced meat, chorizo, fried potatoes, and tomatoes. Locotos are added to the dish, a kind of hot peppers which give a special touch.



Within the food of Bolivia there are also sandwiches. On this occasion they are prepared with chicken or beef, and potatoes, peas, olives and onions are added. The result is very consistent and rich sandwiches.



Masacos are typical of the eastern part of the country, to make this dish cassava or ground green banana are used, which are mixed with pork chicarrón.



Another typical dish of the eastern part of Bolivia is the majadito, which consists of a dish of toasted rice with dried meat. It is served with fried eggs, accompanied by a tomato and fried plantain salad.

And we could go on like this almost forever because Bolivian gastronomy is as rich as its cultural identity. The same could be said of the traditional drink, just to mention the best known: Guarapo, Chicha, Tojorí, Chanfaina and Singani are unique for their flavour.

Surely your trip to this country of religious and cultural syncretism will make you discover new flavors which you did not know existed.

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