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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Tours & Vacation Packages

Vacations to Eastern Europe

It is notoriously tricky to put your finger on the exact boundaries of Eastern Europe. Some definitions of this region conclude that Eastern Europe contains the countries to the east of the historic ‘Iron Curtain’ of the Cold War era. Others have defined it as those states which, following the Great Schism of the 11th-century, took on Eastern Christianity as their dominant belief system and today, those countries where the Eastern Orthodox Church plays a prominent role. Due to a lack of geographical borders, no unanimous agreement exists on where Eastern Europe begins and ends, but it is generally considered to contain the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. 

As you venture eastwards into this part of Europe, you’ll find a land less travelled. On one hand, English is not as widely spoken and the Euro becomes less frequently accepted the further east you travel. On the other hand, if you travel to Eastern Europe you can enjoy much cheaper prices and a treasure trove of fascinating cultural delights!

Many, if not all of the countries in Eastern Europe have come under the influence of the Soviet Union at one time or another. This heritage gives many of the regions capital cities a gritty exterior, although underneath this aesthetic you can find some of the most charming and unique cultures in the continent.

Distinctive cuisines, breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions can be found here in abundance. From steaming bowls of rich goulash in Hungary to the dramatic landscapes of the Danube DeltaEastern Europe is a dream destination for travellers willing to venture off the beaten path. Landscapes here range from the rugged Tatra Mountains of Slovakia to the rolling hills of Transylvania and the glistening waters of Lake Balaton in Hungary. 

The most alluring thing about travelling to Eastern Europe is the fantastical array of historic sights. In a region where history continues to unfold, on a tour of Eastern Europe you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the most inspiring monuments in the continent. From the rainbow-coloured domes of St. Basil’s in Moscow to the haunting silhouette of Bran Castle in Romania and the eerie remnants of Chernobyl in Ukraine, there’s no shortage of things to see in Eastern Europe. Of course, you cannot visit Eastern Europe without exploring its most enchanting, fairytale cities. Take Prague for example, the ‘City of a Thousand Spires’, or magical Brasov, one of Romania’s great medieval cities. 

The perfect destination for a sightseeing tour, let Eastern Europe seduce you with its heady mix of folklore and landscapes. It might have a gritty exterior at times, but delve deeper to uncover its warm, hospitable heart!

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Explore the countries in Eastern Europe


Extraordinary Vacation Packages & Tours to Eastern European

An Eastern European tour offers you the chance to explore imperial castles, spectacular museums, and beautiful landscapes. Walk down magnificent cobblestone streets, discover old cities, and find lesser known landmarks.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in Eastern Europe? Exoticca offers you the most extraordinary holiday experience in this region. Most of our vacation packages include flights, hotels, tours, and transfers. Some plans also include meals.

Eastern Europe vacation packages from Canada


Our Eastern European tours take you to intriguing countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Romania. These nations feature gigantic mountains, pretty sea views, ancient towns, and many types of activities.

Exoticca helps you tour this destination without much hassle. Our Eastern European vacation packages are available from Canada. Book a spot today and savor a memorable encounter in this European subregion.

Book your vacation package to Eastern Europe with Exoticca


Do you want to explore the beauty of Eastern Europe? Book your Eastern European vacation with Exoticca and enjoy a host of exceptional benefits.

Flights, hotels, tours & transfers all inclusive

Our all-inclusive Eastern European vacation packages cover most flights, hotels, tours, and transfers. Some itineraries also include meals.

Eastern European trips partially or fully guided

Exoticca brings you partially and fully guided group tours of Eastern Europe. Choose between fully guided, escorted, semi-escorted, and independent tours. You also have the option of selecting a private tour.

Crafted by our own travel experts

Exoticca’s team of distinguished travel curators use experience and expertise to plan every aspect of your trip. Our specialists have already organized more than 300 packages to 60 locations. We partner with trusted local guides and business to carry out each trip.

Eastern Europe vacation packages from Canada

Depart on your Eastern European tour from Canada. Flights take off from airports in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and other main cities.

Exoticca’s best-selling Eastern Europe trips


Looking for a remarkable Eastern Europe tour? Here are some of Exoticca’s best-selling vacation packages in this region.

Romania vacation packages

Romania vacation packages showcase the best of this country. Take a tour of Peles Castle in Sinaia. Walk around the edifice’s elaborately decorated 160 rooms. Check out its charming grounds and view the surrounding Carpathian Mountains.

Visit Bran Castle, a 13th-century building showcasing Queen Marie’s art and life. Explore some of the painted monasteries in different parts of the country.

Most Eastern European trips include Bucharest, the country’s capital city. Discover the Palace of Parliament, the Macca-Villacrosse Passage, and Hanul cu Tei. Don’t leave without tasting the best Romanian wines.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to visit Eastern Europe?


Every month is ideal for exploring Eastern Europe. The period between May to September is recommended if you want to enjoy warmer weather. Visit from November to April if you enjoy colder temperatures and winter activities.

Is it easy to travel around Eastern Europe?


It’s easy to travel between regions on Eastern European trips. Flights are readily available, and most cities are connected by trains and buses.

What is the most interesting country in Eastern Europe?


All the Eastern European countries are interesting, as they offer unique attractions. Try to explore each nation to find your favorite.

What Eastern European countries are worth visiting?


All Eastern European countries are worth visiting. The most popular destinations include Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.

Is Eastern Europe affordable to visit?


Eastern Europe is affordable for most foreign holidaymakers. It’s cheaper to visit this region compared to Western Europe and Scandinavia.