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Events and festivals in Panama

Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Panama

The cultural variety marks the popular festivals in Panama, which are distributed throughout the year. However, there are festivities that stand out above others because of their traditional origin and their peculiar color.

When you start preparing your trip to Panama, make sure it coincides with one of its main popular festivals such as the National Festival of the Pollera, the Festival of Diablos and Congos, the Manito Ocueño Festival, or the Carnival, among many others.

There are many events which you will want to attend because of the festivities in Panama because their tradition and folklore are worthy of being admired. Pay attention to the dates and take good note of the following events in Panama.



Panamanians, in addition to celebrating the New Year and the Day of Kings, host one of the most emblematic popular festivals in Panama in January: the Flower and Coffee Fair. If you want to participate in this celebration, you have to visit Boquete, in the province of Chiriqui.



In February, the popular festivities in Panama are distributed in different provinces, we start with the Soná Fair from 10th to 19th February, to continue in Veraguas from the 16th to the 18th with the Chitrá-Calobre Fair and the Santa Fé Fair. The month culminates with the Carnival, one of the festivities of Panama with the most colour and tradition. Villa de Los Santos, Las Tablas, Penonomé, Chitré, Aguadulce and Ocú are the most famous places to enjoy the Panamanian Carnival.



The first of March is Constitution Day, a particularly important day in Panama, marked by parades and official activities. But it is from 3rd to 6th March when one of the most spectacular popular festivals of Panama takes place: the Festival of Diablos and Congos of Chepigana.



During the month of April, we will find more typical festivities of Panama, such as the celebration of the District Foundation of Boquete in Chiriquí, or the International Fair of Azuero in Los Santos. At the end of the month, we will be able to attend another of the many events in Panama such as the Camarón Arriba Fair, in Santa Rosa de Bugaba.



On 20 May, in the province of Coclé, its main festivities are held, the Foundation of the District of Natá, and at the end of the month, on the 26th it is the province of Chiriquí which celebrates its Foundation in style.



During the month of June the Festival of Corpus Christi is celebrated in Panama, a festival into which, although it is of religious origin, Panamanians have managed to incorporate their more ancestral traditions and popular symbols. Travel to Villa de Los Santos to participate in several days of events and celebrations with dances, theatrical performances and characters such as the clean devils and dirty devils. You can also see the dance of the Torito, a traditional dance of the indigenous cultures of Panama.



July is the month which hosts one of the popular festivals of Panama par excellence, the National Festival of the Pollera. In Las Tablas, in the province of Los Santos, Panamanians demonstrate their great value as artisans, with the contest of polleras, a beautiful piece of traditional women's clothing, where jewellery is the main attraction.



If you visit the country from 11th to 14th August, you will discover one of the most traditional popular festivals in Panama: the Manito de Ocú Festival. The purpose of this festival is to pay homage to the Ocueño peasants and their native customs. Among the events of the festival, the celebration of peasant marriage with a couple chosen at random draws attention.



In September we have even more festivities and events in Panama such as the Palmira Festivities in Colón, or the Sea Fair in Bocas del Toro. But it is the National Mejorana Festival in Guararé which we suggest as one of the popular festivals in Panama which you cannot miss. The most indigenous folkloric traditions come together in this Panamanian festival.



During the month of October, Panamanians celebrate different regional fairs, such as the Tigre Island Fair in San Blas, from 12th to 14th October. Also in Guna Yala, the Rio Tigre Fair is celebrated on the same dates. But if there is a popular party in Panama to be highlighted in October, it is undoubtedly the Feast of the Black Christ in Portobelo on the 21st. This is a celebration which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the country and exalts religious fervour.



In Panama, the Day of the Dead is also celebrated, as in other countries with Catholic influence. In addition to this celebration, Villa de Los Santos celebrates its Foundation on 1st November. Other notable events are the Colmón Fair in Macaracas and the Panama Independence Day on 28th November.



To end the year with more festivities in Panama, and before the celebration of Christmas, Panamanians worship the Virgin of Guadalupe on 12th December in Veraguas and celebrate the Feasts of Saint Lucía in Coclé.

As you see, Panama is a non-stop of popular festivals, events, and festivities throughout the year. Don't miss the occasion and make your trip coincide with any of them; you won't regret it.

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