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Oceania Vacation Packages & Tours

Vacations to Oceania

The longest journey that we can make. That's what Oceania offers us. Set off for Oceania. Fly half way around the world and land in a country which is largely uninhabited, as is the case in Australia or New Zealand. Or discover an island, so far away, that you wonder at the tranquility and seclusion amidst the middle of the ocean. Australia is the land of Aboriginal culture, a space which contrasts the vibrant cosmopolitan life of Sydney or Melbourne with sparse deserts, first crossed by the forefathers of the country, guided by the sacred chant that they were taught by their ancestors. A place inhabited by animals which are impossible to find outside of the country, like kangaroos, or koalas. Nearby, New Zealand has more sheep than humans! The North Island seethes with the might of its volcanoes, the South Island is divided by an impressive mountain range, with Mount Cook at the centre. According to legend, the peak was formed by the frozen body of Polynesian explorers who were shipwrecked nearby, rowing from a far away reef. The people of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia have cultural traits similar to those of the Maori people of New Zealand.

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Explore the countries in Oceania

Extraordinary Oceania Tours & Vacation Packages

Our Oceania tours from the US take you to breathtaking beaches, vast mountain regions, and lively cities. Traverse through the Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand.

Learn about the indigenous cultures of Oceania and get a taste of their exquisite cuisines. Discover native animals, like kangaroos and koalas. You can’t find these fascinating creatures anywhere else in the world.

Expect safe, enriching, and memorable tours with our expert local guides. Let Exoticca handle the details of your vacation: We organize your flights, accommodation, transport, and excursions. Some itineraries also include meals.

Oceania trips from the US


Our Oceania tours provide unforgettable experiences and enriching adventures. A range of islands and nations make up this continent, so there’s no limit to exploration.

Planning a trip to Oceania is a breeze when you book with Exoticca. We handle each part of your trip, so sit back, relax, and let us take the wheel. Disconnect from daily stresses and reconnect with nature.

Most of our Oceania packages from the US include accommodation, flights, transport, and tours. Some also include meals. Our trips are affordable and available to anyone who wants to go on an adventure.

Top tours & vacation packages in Oceania

Ready to discover your home away from home? Below are some of the top spots you can expect to visit on our Oceania tours.

Australia and New Zealand

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures enrich Australia’s population. Country officials protect them, and many tourists take the time to appreciate their beliefs and customs. Immerse yourself in these intricate cultures and gain a new perspective on life.

Australia boasts a diverse heritage filled with members from all around the world. Explore colorful Chinatowns and unique British museums. Enjoy fashion, sports, and food from various cultures.

Learn about the fascinating native animals you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Australia is home to koalas and kangaroos, unique creatures with interesting appearances. New Zealand has more sheep than humans if marsupials don’t entice you.

Head to the South Island in NZ, divided by an expansive mountain range. Take an excursion to the North Island and stare at the magnificent volcanos.

Visit Mount Cook for unforgettable views. Legends say the peak formed eons ago from a shipwrecked Polynesian explorer’s frozen body.


Cairns is the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This city is home to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest. You can find gorgeous cafes, busy markets, and relaxing beaches.

This tropical city is a natural beauty you can’t miss out on. The culture is rich, and the views are second to none. Cairns is perfect for a tranquil beach day, with various places to picnic and bask in the sun.

Take a walk down Cairns Esplanade, which contains alfresco cafes and open-air markets. Discover the saltwater lagoon, a perfect place to escape the heat.

Learn about the saltwater culture and ancient knowledge. Listen to extraordinary tales told by natives. Explore the moist moss in the Daintree Rainforest and the deep blue waters of the reed.

When deep-sea diving, keep an eye out for the Great Eight. These creatures are akin to Africa’s Big Five. Pretend you’re in Finding Nemo as you discover manta rays, whales, clownfish, and turtles. Look in awe at giant clams, potato cod, sharks, and Maori wrasse.


Melbourne is on Australia’s coast and is the capital of the southeastern state of Victoria. This city is home to the modern Federation Square, with vibrant plazas and bars. Enjoy delicious meals in restaurants by the Yarra River.

Explore the Melbourne Arts Precinct and watch amazing performances at the Arts Center. View ancient Australian art at the National Gallery of Victoria.

There are many places to explore and visit when touring Melbourne. Check out the intricate farming districts. Go down the glimmering Great Ocean Road, or relax on an excursion to different wine farms.

Learn about Australian breweries if you’re not one for grapes. Drink delicious ale in a classic, old-time beer house.


Sydney is New South Wales’ capital and one of Australia’s largest cities. It’s famous for a gorgeous feat of architecture, the Opera House.

You can find plenty of waterside life in Circular Quay and Darling Harbour. Take in the expansive, arched Harbour Bridge and find the classy Royal Botanic Gardens nearby.

Sydney Tower has an outdoor platform called the Skywalk. Gaze out at a 360-degree view of the dazzling city. Relax on the iconic beaches of Bondi, Manly, Coogee, and many more. Explore zoos where you can watch the unique wildlife.

Book your vacation package to Oceania with Exoticca


Exoticca aims to ensure you relish every aspect of your trip. Embark on new journeys and find yourself in breathtaking areas. Escape the worries of daily life as we take you on an enriching tour of Oceania.

Flights, hotel, tours & transfers all inclusive

Forget all your worries and allow us to handle every aspect of your vacation. Our trips include flights, accommodation, tours, transfers, and even some meals.

We can also recommend points of interest for the most delicious native food. Enjoy delicacies unique to Oceanian countries for an extraordinary experience.

Oceania trips partially or fully guided

There are various types of tours to Oceania, so which should you pick? Choose between group, fully guided, semi-guided, or individual tours. Contact our team of travel agents to arrange a trip hand-crafted for your preferences.

Exoticca provides safe, expert-led excursions. Our packages include detailed itineraries to ensure you experience every iconic location.

Crafted by our own travel experts

Using their keen knowledge of every location, expert local guides take you on breathtaking tours around Oceania.

When booking tours with Exoticca, we guarantee an unforgettable trip. We focus on your enjoyment, ensuring enriching experiences.

Our travel experts build an itinerary focused on the best parts of Oceania. They also take your unique needs into account. Each trip is affordable and accessible for anyone who wants to explore Oceania.

Oceania all-inclusive vacation packages from the US

Travelers from countries all around the world can book an Oceania trip with Exoticca.
Depart from New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago in the US. Flight times range from 15 to 22 hours depending on your city.

Exoticca best selling Oceania trips


Exoticca offers various tour packages to Oceania. Our best-selling option includes a trip to Australia. We have no doubt you’ll feel empowered after taking a vacation to this unforgettable country.

Australia vacation packages

Australia is rich in culture and wildlife. Explore parks where you can stare at koala bears or watch from afar at the majestic kangaroos. Enjoy native cuisine and markets throughout the country when you book one of our Australia vacation packages.