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    Shopping in Finland

    Shopping in


    Shopping in Finland

    If you are looking for souvenirs from Finland you should read this.

    If you are thinking about shopping in Finland you should know that the prices are similar to the rest of the Nordic countries; quite high. However, it is practically impossible to step come home empty-handed.

    In the capital, Helsinki, there are a variety of shopping centres where you can find some of the best-known and most prestigious brands in the country, such as Karhu, the signature shoe company; Nanso, one of the most recognized clothing brands; or Marimekko, who makes the most traditional Finnish fashion.

    Also to the north, in Lapland, there are decoration shops where the design articles show the good taste of the Finns. Rovaniemi, the largest city and place of residence of Santa Claus, is the perfect place to recreate Christmas and buy the best Christmas items.


    Christmas Decorations

    Christmas Decorations

    Finland is the European country with the greatest Christmas spirit. You only need to travel to the north, and to Lapland, to find Santa's house, visit the post office and the reindeers who help you distribute the gifts on the night of December 24th. This is a good place to buy typical items of the season: postcards, baubles, socks or Christmas hats. In Helsinki, with the arrival of Christmas, the streets begin to fill with numerous markets where you can buy all kinds of items. One of the best known is Santo Tomás, located in the centre of the city and made up of several wooden huts where you can buy sweets, trees and Christmas decorations. These markets are only open during the months of November to January, although the rest of the year there are also stores where Christmas is still alive. One of them is Kankurin Tupa, where there is a floor dedicated exclusively to Christmas.  



    Although Finland is not a particularly cheap country, the advantage of buying clothes in this country is that it has a great variety of winter clothes, some of them with original designs. Due to low temperatures, some of the most common items are wool sweaters, coats, gloves, hats or thermal clothing. In Helsinki, some of the usual establishments where Finns usually go shopping are Stockmann and All Found Store, where they sell a wide variety of garments for women, men or children. Bear in mind that in 2012 the country was chosen as the capital of design, so its good taste for shapes and patterns is also reflected in fashion. Some of the country's own brands are Nanso, Karhu and Marimekko.  



    Finnish Lapland is inhabited by the Sami, one of the ethnic groups of the Nordic countries whose crafts are highly valued. Made of wood, fur or reindeer horns, these types of items can be easily found in the north of the country, in the shops of Rovaniemi, the Lapp capital. Some of the most abundant are kuksa, typical wooden carved cups traditionally used by the Sami and usually accompanied by a matching knife. Also. accessories such as handbags, purses and leather shoes make nice souvenirs. Some of the best shops to buy arctic art are Lauri-tuotteet and Marttiini, among others.  

    Oils & Soaps

    Oils & Soaps

    Saunas are very popular in Finland, so it is not surprising that there are several establishments dedicated to the sale of products to use in a sauna. In most of its cities and towns, you can find stores selling soaps, oils, and aromas. Due to their frequent use, the prices are not usually very high either, so they can also serve as good gifts. In Helsinki, in the department store of Stockmann, you can find several departments dedicated to these spa products.  

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