Events and festivals in

United Arab Emirates

Events and festivals in United Arab Emirates

The festivities of the United Arab Emirates are marked mainly by the Islamic religion, so many of their celebrations are subject to the Muslim calendar and their dates may vary from one year to another. The luxury, grandeur and modernity of some of its cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made it also have great sports and cultural events that are characterized by their ostentation. The city of shopping, Dubai, has a day dedicated to shopping; good day to visit the bazaars of the city and take advantage of their discounts.


Dubai International Film Festival

It is one of the most important and recognized film festivals in the Middle East. It exhibits both international and local films, so it is a great opportunity to get involved in Arab cinema. There is also prize giving for different categories.  

Dubai Marathon

One of the most popular races in the country. The first one was celebrated on January 14th, 2000 and eight years later it was considered as the most competitive long-haul races in the world since one million dollars is offered to anyone who managed to surpass the world speed record.

Dubai Shoping Festival

For the past 22 years, Dubai has celebrated the largest event related to leisure and shopping in the Middle East. In addition to finding a variety of products and offers in the souks and shopping centres, there are concerts, performances and fireworks. There are also raffles for cars, luxury items and cash prizes.  

Islamic New Year

The first day of the Islamic calendar. It corresponds to the day in which the Prophet Muhammad came to Medina after leaving Mecca and on this day the believers go to pray to the mosques. In some cities there are fireworks and different parties and events are organized.

Prophet Muhammed's Birthday

Celebrated in all the countries of Islamic religion, the festival changes day every year. It celebrates the birth of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam who was responsible for establishing and disseminating this religion before his death. This day is known as Rabi 'al-Awwal and the believers go to the mosques to pray.


This Islamic celebration takes place in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the dates change every year. It is characterized because, during the days of Ramadan, the believers keep fasting from dawn until nightfall. It is also a time of prayer and there are several celebrations and rituals.  

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