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Events and festivals in Honduras

Events and festivals in


Events and festivals in Honduras

The popular festivals in Honduras are mostly linked to religious events and festivities.  As well as these, other more traditional events such as fairs and celebrations of indigenous culture also take place in the country.

When you are planning your trip, bear in mind the calendar of popular festivals in Honduras.  Practically each month there is a celebration that you can coincide with, so you will be able to get to know the culture of the country first hand.


January - Guancascos

During the first month of the year Hondurans celebrate New Year as in many other places in the world.  The Three Kings celebration of 6th of January is also celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country, although here it is known as the Day of the Three Wise Men.

In addition to the previous festivals, the celebration of Guancascos is popular in the different cities in Honduras.  This tradition consist of acts of brotherhood between communities through cultural or religious actions.  Also on the 23 to 25th of January the Mandarin Festival takes place in Mata de Plátano and the Kidney Bean festival of San Ignacio.


February - Virgen of Suyapa

One of the popular festivals in Honduras which is most closely linked to the country’s religious devotion are the festivals in honour of the Virgin of Suyapa. This virgin is the country's patron saint and, during the first two weeks of February, she attracts a large number of pilgrims.  The festival starts on the 3rd of February and commemorates the discovery of the virgin with a wide range of festive and religious acts.

Between the 9th and 12th of February the most awaited celebration of Honduras takes place: The Dance of the Devils in Comayagua. Other festivals such as the Coffee Festival in El Paraíso, the Craft Fair in Ruta Lenca or the Orange Festival are also interesting to see.


March - San José and San Gabriel

March hosts a series of events in Honduras that go from International Women’s Day, to the festivals of San José and San Gabriel. The country has joined the celebration of Earth Hour to raise awareness about saving energy and climate change.  Chats, debates, concerts and other activities related to the environment are organised.

On the third Sunday of March Hondurans celebrate the Indigenous Music Festival in Nueva Celilac. At the end of the month in Catacamas you will be able to go to the Coyol Wine Festival to find out about the country's traditions.


April - Holy Week

As in many Catholic countries, amongst the popular festivals of Honduras, Holy Week must be included.  Believers take part in processions, they make carpets of flowers and carry out various Guancascos between different cities.

At the same time and during the second week in April in La Paz, the Mora Festival is celebrated. In Comayagua the Gran Romería Lenca (pilgrimage) and the Sweet Festival on the 24th and 25th respectively.


May - Feria Isidra de La Ceiba

May is the month when they celebrate the Feria Isidra in La Ceiba, a festival that has won international fame. The festivals end with a Great International Festival of Friendship, during which the main street of the city is closed to turn it into an enormous ballroom.  A large number of floats, costumes and music take over the city, if you are in Honduras in May, don’t miss this celebration.

During the second week of May in Las Selvas they celebrate the Flower and Coffee Festival.  At the end of the month you can also go to the Mango Festival in Yuscarán, and the Festival of Flowers in Lepaterique.


June - Festival in Intibucá

The month of June starts with various events in Honduras such as the Choro (mushroom) Festival in Intibucá and the Guancasco between Sant Antonio and Yarumela. During the second week of the month in Yoro, the Rain of Fish Festival takes place, a tradition which is very unique to the country.

Other festivals such as the festivals of Tela on 13th of June, the festivals of Trujillo on 24th June, and those of San Pedro Sula at the end of the month are also celebrated with great enthusiasm.


July - Civil Cultural Festival in Honour of Lempira

We continue with the Festivals in Honduras that you will be able to discover during your visit, during the second half of the month in Lempira you can take part in the Civil Cultural Festival in Honour of Lempira.

At the end of the month, from 25th of July, there are various popular celebrations such as: The Baile de los Negritos in La Paz, the Milk Festival in La Ceiba and the Potato Festival in Intibucá.


August - Feria Agostina

August is also host to a wide range of popular celebrations, we start the month with the August Fair and the Venetian Night in Chida. We continue with the Doughnut Festival in Sabanagrande to end in Nueva Celilac at the Tuza Festival.

But if there is one popular festival in Honduras that attracts thousands of visitors and locals, it is the Corn Festival in Danlí the last week of August.


September - Independence Day Festivities

To continue enjoying the Honduran rhythm and flavour, take note of the festivals you can attend during these months: in September we start with the Independence Day Festivities throughout the country, continuing with the Milpa Festival in the second week in Sulaco and ending with the Chicken Festival in Morazán.


October - Fish Festival

October has plenty of festivals, on 17th in Amapala the traditional Fish Festival is celebrated.  At the end of the month, you will love the Rice Festival in Intibucá and the Celebration of the Floral Games in Ocotepeque.


November - Ceremony of Tzikin

At the famous ruins of Copán, the Ceremony of Tzikin is celebrated throughout the whole month.  This celebration is rooted in the ancient Maya civilisation and is celebrated by the Chortis, an ethnic group of the Copán region.


December - Royal Walk of the Giant Chimneys

To start the last month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, in Honduras the Royal Walk of the Giant Chimneys is celebrated in Santa Bárbara on the 8th.  You can’t miss the Dance of the Giant in Lejamaní on 17th of December or the Garifunas Festivals between the 24th and 31st of the month.  Of course, Christmas is also celebrated in Honduras as in any other Catholic country.

All of this awaits you during your trip to this lesser-known country of Latin America.  Get ready to let yourself get carried away by traditions and customs that get lost in time.

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