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Food in Myanmar

Food in


Food In Myanmar

Before knowing what to eat in Myanmar, you should know that the cuisine of this Asian country is heavily influenced by China and India. Rice, noodles, and curry are the basis of Burmese food, giving special importance to breakfast.

For the Burmese, breakfast is the main meal of the day, something which Westerners have to get used to since they are very complete. Vegetables and fish have a prominent place in this country's cuisine, as do vegetables, rice, and noodles. But let's see what the typical dishes to eat in Myanmar are and why you cannot miss them.


Onnoth Khawk Hswe

This dish of Myanmar's cuisine consists of noodles in milk sauce. It is part of the breakfast of the locals, as well as the Pe Nan Bya, which is a Hindu-style bread made with peas and peanut oil.


Pe Hta Min

Another of the typical dishes of Myanmar, this time with rice as the main ingredient. The dish is made with white rice cooked with peas, which is also mixed with peanut oil to give it flavor. It is a dish they usually eat as their main meal: breakfast.



Thali is a dish of Indian origin, consisting of a tray with different dishes, sauces, and the famous Indian bread. In general, the dishes are dhal or cooked lentils, white rice, vegetables with curry, cooked spicy potatoes, and roti (Indian bread). It also includes a bowl of yogurt, which serves to digest and refresh the palate.



We could say that this dish is one of the most famous to eat in Myanmar. For its preparation, fermented fish is used, which is prepared in broth, together with rice noodles. Different herbs and spices are added, and it is accompanied by a banana stem. You can also add tortilla, fried vegetables and boiled egg.


Lephet Thoke

This is one of the most particular dishes of Myanmar's cuisine, as it consists of a salad of tea leaves. Fermented tea leaves are used, along with shredded cabbage, fried beans, nuts, chilli, and garlic. It is a very stimulating dish, so it should not be eaten for dinner.


Nga Htamin

Cooked rice with turmeric and freshwater fish is used to make this typical Burmese dish. With the rice, a kind of pancake is made, to which fish slices are added in abundant garlic oil. It is served accompanied by leeks, and also chicarrones.


Myanmar Curry

Curry is an indisputable part of Burmese cuisine, so you will find it in multiple variants. Its main ingredient is rice, which is served with fish, meat or shrimp in curry. It is served with salad, cooked or fried vegetables and several sauces. It is also accompanied by a bowl of soup and a spicy fish sauce.


Buthi Kyaw

This is one of the Burmese specialties in terms of fried foods and consists of battered or fried pieces of gourd, which are served with sweet and sour sauce. Other fried foods which are typical of Myanmar's cuisine are samosas, doughnuts, spring rolls, and fried sweets.


Hto Hpu Nwe

Another of the culinary specialties to eat in Myanmar is this dish of chickpea flour. It is served with rice noodles and marinated chicken; you can also choose pork. The dish is garnished with chili oil and accompanied by fermented vegetables.


Nangyi Thoke

This is a dish which consists of a salad of rice noodles, served with chicken, beans, boiled egg, and fish bread. All seasoned with chili oil, turmeric, and roasted chickpea flour. As a side dish, a bowl of broth and fermented vegetables is served. Undoubtedly one of the typical dishes of Myanmar which you should try during your trip.



Tea is part of the Burmese culture, so much so that there are numerous tea rooms everywhere. But they are not places where you only have tea, but you can also taste many dishes of the traditional cuisine of the country.

The most-consumed tea in Myanmar is red tea, which is served mixed with milk and sugar. To accompany this delicious tea, the Burmese will serve you Indian, Chinese or Thai noodles, everything depends on the owners of the place.

As for the desserts, the Burmese make delicious cakes made of coconut, banana, sweet potato and semolina, which they decorate with sesame seeds. They are delicious and are very cheap; you can also find them at any street stall.

To finish, you will see that Chinese beers abound, of a better price than those of Burmese origin, we recommend the toast, for its rich flavor. And thus ends the tour of Myanmar's cuisine and its varied flavors. Now that you know what to eat in Myanmar, don’t miss the chance to try each dish and immerse yourself in the culture of the country.

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